October 16, 2010

Belated Birthday Brilliance

The Girl celebrated her 15th birthday last week. She decided she’d rather spend it with her boyfriend at an amusement park rather than with us. Imagine that! So, we waited and celebrated today. Birthdays in our house are typically all about wishes… within reason, of course. And, you pretty much get what you wish for. Within reason, of course.

Today we all did something we’ve never done before as a family… or even singly. We went miniature golfing, glow-in-the-dark style. It was really pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I didn’t want to take my big momma camera so I went to my old Nikon as a backup. Uh, a charged battery would have been helpful. So I went to The Boy and asked to borrow his camera. Apparently, not charging batteries runs in the family. So then I thought, I’ll use my phone’s camera. Whoops! My phone battery is more dead than the camera batteries combined.

Where was my scrapbooker’s head? I certainly didn’t prepare for this family adventure very well.

So, I took both almost-dead cameras and my old one was the winner. It took one picture every time I turned it on, before it would shut down again on “exhausted battery”. Sadly, it apparently didn’t like the glow-in-the-dark aspect of what it was shooting because my photos are quite blurry.  That'll teach me not to use my good camera!

Even so, it’s quite the psychedelic effect, no?

We had fun, despite a rowdy little-kids birthday party following us through the course. We also wished it was a bit bigger, with more choices, but regardless, it was fun. I got two holes in one! Go me!

The birthday girl also got her choice of dinner (Dad’s famous homemade chicken fried rice) and birthday dessert:

She is the oddest teenage girl… she doesn’t like things like cake or cookies. Candy is “it” for her… and mostly sour candy at that. Her only favorite “chocolate” is Reese’s peanut butter cups, which is what I stuck the candles in – one peanut butter cup per year of her life. The giant drink in the middle is a coke slushie. Another favorite of hers. Hey, one thing I can say about not baking a cake is that there won’t be a half of a cake (or more) sitting around calling my name! Those peanut butter cups… they’ll be gone before lunch tomorrow. I guarantee it.

We finished out the special day with a showing of Alice in Wonderland. Of course, after this post, you KNOW I was going to get that movie, right?

Happy belated birthday Girl… we love you!

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  1. They may not be the clearest photos, but they definitely capture the essence of "Glow in the Dark" mini golf! Happy Birthday to the Girl!


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