October 13, 2010


I'm not one for candied apples.  I don't like the red candy around the apple... it sticks in my teeth and not really all that flavorful, to me.  I never was fond of caramel apples, either.  Not that I had many... it wasn't a treat we had around, that I remember, when I was growing up.  Besides, you can't tell what kind of mushy apple is beneath that caramel, which can ruin the entire experience.

One day my eldest brought home a gourmet caramel apple... and I was HOOKED!  Caramel and chocolate so thick the apple seems to be size of a pea?  And the apple was crisp and tart to counteract all that sweet?  A deadly, yet happy, treat!

We split one that day, and it was more than enough.  One of these apples... really... a single wedge would be enough of a "treat".  This is truly a decadent dessert that you can just about convince yourself it is a "healthy choice" because it has an apple at it's core.  Hahahah.

Anyway... I've had a craving for one.  They "come out of hiding" about this time of year but so far I've only seen caramel-and-nut covered apples... little ones.  Mass-produced. 

SO not interested.

But if I see a gourmet version around, watch out!  Because I don't know if I can keep a rein on my craving... Yum!


  1. I've never had a gourmet one, but they sure look yummy!

  2. Toffee Apples are a big Halloween treat in this part of the world - all the fruit shops are full of them at this time of year. I love them :)

  3. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has those here...they are truly divine! My favorite is the one that has caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate and then milk chocolate...oh, heaven!

  4. I don't think I've ever tried them, gourmet or ordinary!


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