September 30, 2010

Farewell September... Hello Apples

I realize the end of September doesn't cause apples to fall to the ground, but it has always been "apple time" of year for me.  My home town has an Apple Festival every year.  It used to be the last weekend of September and now it's the first weekend of October. Either way, it's this weekend!

Growing up in "apple country" spoiled me.  When I first moved here, I bought apples upon apples from the grocery store, almost always to toss them.  Or make them into homemade applesauce.  None were edible... at least not to me.  I guess that makes me an apple snob (among other things).  I guess, growing up where I did, it was just what you got... fresh apples off the tree. I don't remember buying them from a grocery store back home.  Perhaps we did, but I seriously don't remember doing so.  They all came from a local apple producer.  We were friends with some of them, so I remember going to their house for apples or getting apples from their roadside stand.  We had apple trees (sour apples) in our neighbor's yard.  Apples, apples, everwhere!

I've lived here for nearly sixteen years now.  I still have a very hard time biting into a grocery store apple.  We used to have a little farmer's market that would set up over the summer near my house and stay there long enough to sell apples.  I would buy a half-bushel just to get me to the holidays and my pie making season.  But they close up early now and it's early enough that they don't have apples. 

It was brought to my attention that we have apple growers on the outskirts of our city... I guess I never really realized that, having been spoiled with friends and neighbors as growers where I grew up.  I think I will eventually have to make my way to these produce producers (hah!)... I hear they grow great peaches and pumpkins too.

But this year, I think I'm going to get some apples from "home".

I truly hope they are as good as I remember them to be.

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