October 31, 2010


Saturday was supposed to be spent cleaning out a "storage" room downstairs to make it into the spare room it was intended to be.  I had promises from The Hubs to help out, and a couple girlfriends were primed and ready to come and join the clean sweep fray.

Instead, I spent much of my day at Urgent Care for The Hubs who has an ear infection.

Saturday night was supposed to be spent scrapbooking while watching Halloween-themed movies, all by myself in a rare occurrence of having the house to myself.  The Hubs and the kids were going to see Saw in 3D at the movie theater. Not my cup of tea, thank you very much.

Instead, I ended up sitting in bed, watching TV and falling asleep early.

Sunday morning was the "rain date" to clean out said room.  The Hubs was in pain early on, so I put dose #3 of the medicated ear drops in his infected ear around 7am.  He got up and went to work (also something he was supposed to do Saturday morning) around 11am.  Unmotivated, I did not go downstairs to clean the room.

Instead, I decided to tackle the bedroom, which is enormously cluttered. 

The Hubs texts me later that he's sick and coming home.  He arrives home and it looks like he's got Bells Palsy!  He refuses to go back to Urgent Care but decides it's best if he does not use the medicated ear drops anymore.  Now I'm worried... but defer to how he is feeling.  I push him to go again, later in the day.

Instead, he decides he wants to see our family doctor in the morning.

The Girl and I get part-way through one section of the bedroom.  She has to leave.  I figure I could finish this one part and then she and I can finish tackling it again next weekend.

Instead, I started watching the remake of Psycho (with Vince Vaughn) on Cinemax.

I was going to respond to some emails and catch up on my class lessons and prompts in True Stories.

Instead, I'm writing this blog post and going to bed.

How was your weekend?


  1. You had such good intentions too! It's almost as if fate is conspiring to stop you getting this clearing up done isn't it? Hope the hubs is soon feeling better, I had a really bad ear infection a couple of years ago and I can sympathise completely. The pain in your inner ear is one of the worst, you feel like your head will explode so make sure he does get to see someone else TODAY! That clearing up can wait another 24 hours .....

  2. Life does sometimes have a knack of changing our plans! You may not have gotten the basement cleared out, but from your sidebar post, it looks like you HAVE been making progress in the decluttering! Getting those long overdue packages out in the mail and a decent little pile of stuff ready to be donated has to feel good! It is an accomplishment! Baby steps!

  3. So what I read was that you took care of your poor husband (hope he gets well soon xx) and made a start on clearing up the bedroom :-) Good for you! You go girl!

  4. :::giggle::: Isn't it funny how life does that to us!?!??!?!

  5. The best laid plans...

    Still, you did do stuff this weekend, even if not what you had intended. You took care of your husband, who obviously needed some help and support. You started another onerous tidying task and you rested - which it sounds as if you needed to do.
    Sounds like a good and productive weekend, even if Plan A was broken by the Life Bowler's Curve Ball!

    Hope your husband is feeling better. Ear problems are not funny at all. The "bells palsy" could be caused by the same infection... poor chap.


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