October 26, 2010

Motivated... Still Need Your Help...

Thank you one and all!
...for your input on my clutter issues.  You all have wonderful points and ideas... I suppose the largest part of the challenge just lies on me and getting myself to DO it.

My goals:
  • Every evening take care of 5 "things" (as in tasks that I avoid, some that contribute to the clutter - like going through mail, etc.) that need to be done every day (I'm taking your number 5, Melissa) BEFORE I sit down and relax (a biggie here, thanks Christina)...AND... I will work at clearing out some clutter (read on)...
  • Liberty - I looked at that Ikea bookcase and love it... sadly, it isn't in my budget at this point in time... however, I have a bookcase I want to use but it's covered with STUFF (a collection, actually, that I'd like to photograph and then get rid of) so clearing the current bookcase is at the top of my list.
  • Cheri - another book you've recommended to add to my list, for sure, and great tips at trying to get through those things I hold onto out of sentimentality instead of functionality or aesthetics.  This is a big challenge!
  • Sian and chksngr (Felecia) - I totally need to put things away immediately.  I'm such a dumper.  Would the pile nazi like to visit me to whip me into shape?  I won't even make you say all the pleases.  :)  I will start with putting away my SHOES.  I kick them off and toss them in a corner, but now I will try to remember to put them in the closet.  That and mail, which piles up quickly.
  • To all of you who said "little bits at a time" can you please come back and remind me?  That's a big part of why I don't start, because I feel it's too big of a task or I won't have time to finish it before my next committment.  Chant with (or to) me... 15 minutes... 15 minutes... 15 minutes...
  • Deb and Mel... I think rewards are KEY.  I have to get used to saying "15 minutes of this, then I can ... blog, email, etc..." 
  • Jo, what's that 20/20 thing you mentioned?
  • And a very important last goal:  Sundays are "off".  I can have a whole day where I can do whatever I want without thinking or feeling guilty about the clutter.  I can, if I want, but if I choose not to, that's okay.
I think I need to plan a whole day to really knock some spaces out and feel major progress... maybe, perhaps I can find a friend (Christina) who will come visit and help?  A friend (Christina) who is local (Christina) and mentioned something about bribes with food "or something" (Christina).  Hmmmm... anyone out there know someone (Christina) who I could ask?

In the meantime, help keep me on task... someone please suggest a cute name for this little project (Kai's Clutter Clean-Up?  Something more forceful?)... and then I'll give updates on every blog post on my progress... if I don't you can all jump on line and shout for me to stay accountable.  What do you think?  Help me out... what can we name this lovely project of mine?

The posts for True Stories - A Shimelle Lane Class - will be coming, I promise... just running a bit behind and haven't technically started class yet.  Good thing there aren't any deadlines! 


  1. you can do this! small steps :)

    maybe ask Christina to help? Just a thought...hehe

  2. Love your new way of thinking.

    Apparently the way that athletes train is that not only do they practice their sport but they visualise what they need to do and the end result. So in your mind's eye visualise what 15 minutes of clearing up looks like eg clearing the bookshelf and then it is more likely to happen. Visualise what the end result of all your clearing will be and it will help to get you there quicker. Oh and by the way, do as I say not as I do which is to look at the clutter and then go and do something else!! :)

  3. Baby steps Kai - everything happens in baby steps. So what have you done today towards the Kai's Clean Sweep project????

    I cleared out two more dresser drawers (empty entire drawer, cull out unused stuff, put the rest back).

  4. good luck! I think I have pretty much the same problems as you with actually getting around to doing all my clearing out etc. SO full of good intentions that never seem to get realised. Maybe I need to take some of that advice too!!

  5. Love Cheri's idea for a name!

    As for that friend to help, I seem to recall that you had a friend close by who could visit and help you out for food or chocolate or...maybe alcoholic beverages...what was her name??? was it Christina!?!? I think that was what you mentioned...

    The pile nazi will absolutely help you out if I'm ever in your general direction...which is actually ont as far as you think...hmmmm...

  6. Good for you :-) You've got a whole group of cheerleaders here, you know! xx

  7. Found your blog through the Shimelle True Stories class forum! Love it, it is tooo cute...and for a minute I thought you were taking photos in my cluttered house! LOL! I completely relate to all of your clutter issues...which means...I better follow along with your clutter project too! :D


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