October 5, 2010

Something Weird I Love...


For some reason, I'm totally re-enamored of writing with a pencil.  Did you know that pencils are "permanent"?  The graphite won't fade... but the reason why pencil writing or drawings seem to fade is because the paper wears away over time.  But my pencil either has to be a very specific brand of mechanical pencils or I need a #2 natural-wood pencil and I have to sharpen it frequently.  I do not like writing with a dull tip.  Which is probably why I gravitate toward mechanical ones more often than not.  Although, if I'm not careful, those pencils can quickly turn into a weapon as I'm heavy-handed which can cause pieces of lead to break off at random and fly off in unexpected directions. 

I love that a pencil glides across the paper and never skips, like some of my pens are prone to doing.  I love that a pencil, while permanent (see above) can also be erased and not permanent.  Ya gotta have a good eraser, too, by the way.  I love how when pencil runs out of lead, you just sharpen it to get more, unlike a pen which you have to either refill or throw away.  When the pencil is out of lead, you're out of pencil.  I love the grey-brown color of the pencil too.  It's also pretty cool that you can write very precisely with a sharp tip, or have a bit of 'fuzzy' with a duller point.

I had a boyfriend once who only ever wrote in pencil.  He said he didn't like anything to be permanent.  I guess that was foreshadowing, eh?

I'm totally in love with my pencils right now.  Thank you for indulging me and letting me share my weird love of the moment.


  1. I'm totally with you on this one - i write all my blog posts in pencil first before I type them. We were very close to a pencil factory when we were on holiday this year - and I couldn't get anyone else interested in going!

  2. Interesting...I have a fettish for pens...unibal signo microtips in black and Sharpie fine tip pens in colors...I have them by the DOZENS!


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