November 1, 2010

Everyone Needs Their Own Napping Spot

My baby girl kitty, Ashes, was sleeping on a blanket that was covering my legs this afternoon.  At one point in time, I got up to check on my husband.  When I returned, my fat boy kitty Sparky, had moved into Ashes' previous napping spot. 

I wonder why?  He was perfectly content on the other side of the pillow before I got up, but then he stretched, and merowed his way over to Ashes' previous place and settled in.

Needless to say, when Ashes returned, she wasn't happy.  She sat at the end of the bed and watched him (and me) for quite some time.  Then she hopped up on the pillow and sat there, staring at Sparky.

Then she wacked him a couple of times.  He glared at her.

Then she pounded on him several times.  He hit back once or twice.  Let me just clarify that Sparky is easily 5 times bigger than Ashes.  He's a Big Boy. 

Ashes wasn't giving up.  She smacked him a few more times and Sparky decided he'd had enough and got down.

Ashes moved back in to "her" spot.

After a few sniffs, snorts and turns... apparently Sparky messed up her napping mojo... she settled back down.

And then Sparky returned.  And there was a tense moment or two while he settled in to his own spot once again. 

But no fight ensued.  And then everyone napped happily ever after.

The End.

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