September 17, 2010

Time Out!

I have had a bad attitude lately. I've been bummin'.  I've been restless.  I've been feeling empty.  I've been a horrible friend, mom, wife, worker. 

No, not really.

But I have desperately needed something to "reset" me.

So, I'm currently in a 4-day "time out". 

Can anyone say it with me?


The trunk of my car packed nearly to the gills.  What's missing?  Can you tell?

My suitcase! I actually almost forgot it!  Hey, who needs extra clothing at a scrapbook retreat?  Right?  As long as I shower, it should be all good.  No?  Really?  Well, no worries, I 'membered it at the last minute. 

So, if I don't get back here to share with you, it's because I'm scrappin', scrappin', scrappin'.  With a little stampin' and some more scrappin' thrown in to boot.  Because I am in a time out, you know.  I have to follow the rules and do what is required of me.

Happy Dancing!  What a great time out!

I'll be sure to catch you up on my lessons learned when I return.  Enjoy!


  1. ooohhhh - can I be on time out too???? So, green with envy, but happy for you that you have this time to be creative! Working too? Or is this one just pleasure?

  2. You've given me a new strategy...If I call a scrapbook retreat "time out" and if I act really really bad and then tell my husband I need to go to "time out" and he says "yes you do" then I can go to more scrapbook retreats...

  3. Oh, enjoy :-) So true, we all need a time out sometimes... Love that you nearly forgot your suitcase! You've got your priorities right ;-)


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