September 8, 2010

Don't Blink!

Time Marches On.
No Matter What. 

I was folding my laundry today when a breeze wafted through the window behind me and trickled down my neck.  It was cool enough to make me shiver a little... and that's saying something because I don't easily get cold.

It made me pause. 

Already?  Fall is here already?  Weren't we all just swealtering in upper 80's, lower 90's heat and humidity last week?  I did have my air conditioning on, right?

I even noticed brown leaves on the ground today and some tinges of brown in the trees.  Of course, the grass is all brown as well, but that's because we haven't had any decent rain in weeks.  But I digress...

I love fall.  It is my absolute favorite season.  But it moves through waaaaaay too fast.  Seriously, I blink and Christmas is here.  I miss it.  Every.  Year.  When winter hits, I begin to plan for next fall... time I will take off, walks in the woods, hot chocolate or chai tea lattes, pictures of the colors.  Then WHAM! Winter is back again before I realize fall was here at all.  Isn't it funny how time moves like that?  We wish the bad things would pass faster and the good things would stay longer.  We wish the heat of summer away and then we bemoan the cold of winter and wish for spring to arrive as quickly as possible when Februrary feels it lasts for years... and yet, time marches on, tick-tock, tick-tock, one second at a time.  All day, every day, seven days a week, 365 a year.

I'm not ready for fall.  I'm not ready to put away my shorts and tank tops yet.  Can we rewind back to August?  Just for a week or more.  Just so I can get ready for fall.   Please?  Someone?

I just really don't want to miss it this year.


  1. Well you have made a note already that fall is here right now. So get out there with your camera and don't miss a single bit of it. even if it means taking your camera every where you go. (I do, and I don't often miss an opportunity)

  2. My Grandpa always said "nothing lasts forever" which is a great thing to repeat when life isn't going so well; and also great to remember when life is good and we need to stop and take it in.

  3. Given the rough Summer we had this year, we anticipate Fall here will be 1) early and 2) short. Our leaves are already changing. If you don't want to miss it, schedule a couple of photography hikes on your calendar for the next couple of weeks! ;)

  4. Another great post :-) It's definitely got colder here too, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of an Indian summer before autumn fully descends...

  5. Autumn seems to have arrived here now. Sun is setting earlier and there is a slight damp, chill to the air first thing in the morning. I'd just quite like one more week of sunshine please!


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