September 6, 2010

Lather ~ Rinse ~ Repeat!

There are some things that take forever to learn... perhaps they are things I will never learn.  This weekend  I once again revisited something that it seems that I never 'get' until after it's over, and then it's too late:  feelings cannot be healed/calmed/raised/stopped/fixed/suppressed with food.  And yet, it is the first thing I turn to when I am not thinking straight and need to self-soothe, appreciate, or control.

Emotional eating is a vacuum.  It does not feed the mind or body.  It only feeds itself.

I sure do wish I would fully embrace this lesson now and never have to repeat it again!


  1. That is so true but so difficult to get into our think pattern at the time we need to do so. I pray that you will eventually learn it and think twice before reaching for the comfort food. It is a lesson I need to learn too

  2. I'm so enjoying your LSNED posts :-) They're all so beautifully written and thoughtful, and you're sharing some fab lessons xx

  3. Kai - don't beat yourself up over this one. You have acknowledged the mistake, now move on. I've tried lately asking myself when I head for the fridge or the cupboard... am I REALLY hungry, or just _______? (bored, angry, sad, fill in the blank as you fit). I've managed to stop myself and choose another activity several times this way. It isn't foolproof, but it is helping!

  4. oh yes... I have been known to keep telling myself this! You are right, it never bloody fixes anything... eeeeek!


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