September 3, 2010

Just One Foot in Front of The Other...

Sometimes learning is a slow dawning... sometimes it's a rapid snap-flash.  Yesterday was a snap-flash.

It was just another day of feeling overwhelmed and crazed by a to-do list that feels it could stretch a mile.  Why was I overwhelmed?  Because I'm a natural born procrastinator. 

I'm good at procrastination.  That's definitely not something to brag about... but it's the truth.  Through grade school to high school to college to my personal life to my working life... any big project is enough to make me feel overwhelmed to the point of putting it off.  But... when it comes down to the wire, I almost always hit the deadline.  And it's not a piece of ka-ka... it's decent.  A lot of times it's great!

But it makes me wonder what could have been, had I not put it off until last minute when decisions to cut corners are essential in order to meet that deadline.  And the flip side of me always argues that "last minute-ness" is good, because it keeps me focused on the end-goal.

Yesterday, though, I was slapped in the face with probably the biggest truth about procrastination.

comes from

While the end product may be reached... while the goal is may not be the best it could be.  And honestly, the  - OMG-I-Gotta-Get-Moving-No-Time-Anymore-To-Breathe - journey outright stinks.  What's the point of getting to the goal if you can't enjoy... take pride in...savor...even sometimes loathe... the pieces and paths that take you there?

I can't say I'll stop, cold-turkey.  I'm not sure I could... I've had decades of practice.  But I'm going to start earlier... and stop avoiding. I'm done with putting off stopping my procrastination habit.  No more sitting around until I have to sprint to the finish line!  From now on,  I'm going to just put one foot in front of the other and just start walking the path. 


  1. Then I'll raise a glass (of water) to your next step forward! yay you!

  2. Yes, all the best from a fellow prorastinator! (tho I have found I am improving as I get older)

  3. I feel like we were seperated at birth! Love your story, I can relate so much...added you to my faves, looking forward to reading more.

  4. I HATE feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately that has been around way too long for me... sigh... oddly enough, now that I have kicked the antidepressants, I am feeling less overwhelmed. I don't get it.. i thought that it would have been the other way round. lol.

  5. *Fab* post :-) I can so identify with all you say - heck, I'm sitting here commenting on blogs when I should be doing the washing, getting lunch, dropping off bags at the charity shop, filling more bags for the charity shop, doing my prep for teaching on Monday, getting ready for an open day next Wednesday..... I shall try to let your words inspire me to get some stuff done today xx

  6. Um, like Mel... I should get off the computer and get something done! Thanks for the reminder!

    P.S. I have never heard of "King Tut" by Steve Martin. :)


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