September 26, 2010

Forgotten Details...

While the temperatures have dipped dramatically over the past 48 hours (it was in the 90's Thursday and Friday and today our "high" was 65), no, this photo is not from my outdoors... at least not today.

I went on a scrapbooking retreat two weekends ago now (considering I'm at the end of this weekend).  It seems sooo much longer than that and I am ready for another scrappy "time out".  I promised I'd post a few of my layouts and I took the pictures and than BAM! for some reason, the post never happened.

Well, better late than never, I always say... and I'm late quite a bit. 

This one was of an ice storm that hit us hard in 2004.  Yes, I'm a very behind scrapper.  Actually, I do not scrapbook chronologically at all, so you never know what you're gonna get out of me.  Anyway, the photos were taken five days after the actual storm, and the ice was still this thick.  The damage was crazy.  We didn't have power that entire time.  I "celebrated" getting power back by walking around the neighborhood to take these photos.  The worst part about the whole thing is the storm occurred the night before Christmas Eve.  It was, hands down, one of the worst Christmases I've ever lived through.  Despite all of those cranky memories, I am very pleased with this layout... it's very shiny in real life. 

This layout is just one more of many that I have done on Boldt Castle.  These photos are old, as well... this trip was in 2006.  My happy children were so pleased to pose for me.  Hahahahah.  Boldt Castle is a castle on an island (Heart Island) in the middle of the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands of New York.  My parents used to have a camp on a nearby lake... my heart and soul of a vacation home... and we would stay there weeks and weekends in the summers for my whole entire life.  Boldt Castle can be reached via Alexandria Bay, New York, and our cottage was near there.  This trip was my last to that vacation spot.  I knew that when I went... I went to say my "good-byes".  My dad had to sell the land, and while I wish so very much I could have bought it, I knew then it wasn't to be.  Boldt Castle has a great history... if you are ever up in the Thousand Islands area, I whole-heartedly recommend a visit to Alexandria Bay and Boldt Castle!  I know I'll go back again... it won't be the same... but I'll be there again, I know it.

Well, that's all I have for you today.  I spent most of my time working on my youngest's graduation album (each of my kids have received an album detailing birth to high school graduation).  She entered high school this year so I wanted to knock out a bunch for her book as I have a very bad procrastination habit.  I did a few holidays too, but I can guarantee you that if I posted them online, I'd have three kids hunting me down to kill me (bed heads anyone?) so those will just be slipped quietly into albums.

I got a little scrappy today, too, for SFTIO.  This month is Enlightenment and I just had to get my hands on the kit and work on one of their challenges.  That one is a little too personal to post here.  Next month's emotion is great though... perhaps I'll get a few of those knocked out and shared here. 

Keep your fingers crossed.  I am.


  1. That ice storm looks amazing. Must have been dreadful to live through though! Losing power the day before Christmas Eve must have been awful. It seems that when it gets cold and snows over there it REALLY gets cold and snows!!
    The only benefit it that they are great photos!
    Thanks for sharing your memories of your old holiday home. Must have been tough to go back knowing it was the last visit.

  2. Those are great layouts Kai - even if a bit tardy! I don't scrap chronologically either, so my pages tend to be whatever is interesting to me at the moment.


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