September 14, 2010

Just Do It...

Sometimes, you have a reason to not do something. A valid, important situation, feeling or circumstance that really keeps you from doing something.

Sometimes you have an excuse. It's not really "real" but you can stuff it and blow it up and polish it to make it feel real. Then you use it as a reason.

Yesterday I had both a reason and an excuse.

I had an appointment to attend after work. It's an appointment that is important, and one that I most-of-the-time enjoy to an extent, but sometimes I just have this childish, "I don' wanna" tantrum in my head about going. Sometime mid-morning The Hubs e-mailed me and shared that he had to work late. What this means to me is I have to go straight home from work in order to let the dogs out before they mess in the house after being cooped up for 9+ hours. So, with good reason, I canceled my appointment.

Another hour passed. The Hubs e-mails me again and rescinds his earlier statement. "They" (whomever 'they' are) changed their minds and he wouldn't have to work late after all.


Do I keep that "reason" as an excuse not to go, even though it wasn't valid and true anymore? Or do I suck it up, contact my appointment and ask to meet after all?

Deep in my heart, I know I should just do it. I should call and re-establish the appointment. But daggone, I have one helluva rebellious inner child.

The angel in me 'won' this time. I didn't keep my excuse.  I rescinded my reason. I went to the appointment. Afterward, I was very glad that I did.

Nike said it true...

Just Do It...
Even If You Don't Want To.
You'll Be Glad You Did.


  1. That really is true, isn't it? I always have difficulties with getting into the shower. I waste all day knowing that i have to go, but trying avoid it. When i finally get in, I feel so much better and regret wasting all day feeling bad. I should have just done it. sigh.

  2. Good Girl, not sure I would have gone but it was good that you were pleased you did.

  3. Well done you - not easy, huh? But you did it, good on you :-)

    Now I need to stop making excuses and get and do my supermarket shop, *sigh*... xx

  4. Yay! Kudos Kai - glad to hear you overcame the excuse and went - and didn't you feel pleased with yourself afterwards??? Baby steps girl. Kill one excuse at a time.

  5. I totally relate to this one! I'm getting better as I get older I think. I'm glad you went.

  6. At least it's over and done with now, if you had kept it cancelled, you would have had to reschedule and go through it all again another time.
    Oh, but so tempting to keep it cancelled, I'm impressed that you decided to go!


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