February 26, 2010

Undesired Bumper "Kisses"

Hello my friends. 

Tonight I was involved in a (very) minor accident while driving home from work.  The roads were terribly icy and while I was being a very safe driver (see my rant about winter driving previously posted), the gal coming up behind me was driving too fast to stop in time.  She lost control of her car and I could see she was coming right at me.  I tried... TRIED... to pull forward more to give her more room to stop, but my wheels spun on the ice too.

So ... get this...I closed my eyes and waited.  CLOSED (!) my eyes, and WAITED (!).

I knew what was coming and there was no avoiding it and ... yep... WHAM!  She slammed into the back of my car. 


I waited briefly.  I mean... she hit me, doncha think she'd get out of her car and see if I was okay?  No.  In fact, it appeared that she disappeared.  So, I put my hazards on, and got out of my car and carefully walked back to her car.  Her head popped up (she had bent over) and she cracked her window thismuch... I swear, less than an inch.  Do I LOOK like an axe murderer?    I asked her if she was okay and she looked stunned.  Apparently, she hit her face on the steering wheel and was touching her nose and lip like she woke up a different person.  I suggested we exchange information and she started frantically pawing through her glove compartment.  I went back and looked at my car... get this, ZERO damage.  Not even a scratch.

I'm telling you... she SLAMMED into me.  Not a scratch that I could find on my bumper.  Her car looked Messed Up.  I walked back and asked her if her car was running.  She said, no, that she had turned it off.  I then calmly suggested that she at least put her hazard lights on so that the people coming up behind her could stop in time and avoid hitting us.  I was particularly concerned for MY life since I was the only one standing outside of the cars.

Finally she got out of the car and asked me if there was damage.  I told her I couldn't find any but pointed out her bashed up front end. She assured me her sister had done that in a different accident.  Needless to say, I didn't feel any safer.

Checking her face, I told her she wasn't bleeding.  She responded, "that was HARD". 


No duh.  You were driving too fast on ice and MY CAR stopped YOU from moving.  Yes, it was hard.

So, we went our merry way.  I don't think I drove faster than 25 miles an hour the whole trip home.  She was going slower than I was... she was pretty shaken.

I guess I was too.  After a few minutes to let the adrenaline drop, I looked down and thought my radio was missing out of my car, because there was a big black HOLE in the middle of my dashboard.  I blinked and had to really gather my wits about me.  No, it wasn't my radio missing... it was the space beneath the radio where I keep CD's and my car registration and insurance papers.  They were gone.

When I pulled into my driveway, I looked around my car.  She had hit me so hard that those things FLEW out of that space, and one item was in my BACK SEAT! 

Did I mention that there wasn't a mark on my car?  I hope I was seeing straight. 

Well... despite all of that, I do still intend to hold a giveaway something-or-other this weekend.  Keep a lookout.  As well as paying forward a blog award (thanks Cheri... more to come).

I think I need some Advil.

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  1. sounds like you need to look at your rearend again...you need to move back home where we know how to drive in the snow LOL...glad your're okay...


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