February 19, 2010

I Slipped...

I slipped... but just a little.  When I was on my soapbox about Splenda, I mentioned that I was giving up sugar for a trial period, just to see what would happen.  That was Sunday night when I made the decision and I was doing so well, until last night. 

It was mindless.  I wasn't even thinking.  I went to my 2nd job and picked up a pack of fruit gummies candies (any gummy candy is a draw for me)... it was one of those little snack packs you put in a child's lunchbox.  But they were in my stomach before it even dawned on me that they were sugar.



Well... back on track... I caught myself after I had eaten that one pack so I didn't gorge myself on tons more, like I would have before Monday.  I just hate it that I was so...



  1. Don't beat yourself up. Every little bit of sugar that WOULD have eaten during the week but did NOT is a victory!

  2. Weight Watchers says there are no mistakes. Just learning opportunities! And I have a lot of those. ;)


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