February 3, 2010

The Beginning of the End... Awesome!

Okay, all my Lost friends out there, I promise not to wax rhapsodic on the season premiere last night... but Oh!  Do I ever want to!  I think it set this last season up nicely to be just as full of questions and non-answers as any other season.  Just enough "answers" to forgive the enormous amount of new questions... just enough Hurley-isms... just enough of my eye-candy Sawyer with a large helping of a lot of intense emotions.

Wow!  I am so excited to see where it is taken through the rest of this season.  I truly hope I am not disappointed by the "wrap up", but so far, I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I have some thoughts and questions, though (don't read any further if you haven't seen the show and still want to be surprised) that I'd like to share and... maybe... get some comments?

1)  So... if the Locke-Lookalike is the Man in Black and the Smoke Monster, but WASN'T powerful enough (or whatever) to kill Jacob... how did bullets bounce off his chest?

2)  Where the heck have the other Others (the group in the temple) been hiding all this time?  And if Richard is part of the original Others that Ben became the leader of... who are THESE Others?

3)  Why does ash protect against the Smoke Monster/Man in Black/Locke-Lookalike?

4)  If Boone was on the plane-that-did-not-crash, where the heck was his sister Shannon?  She was on the original plane that did crash.  Apparently they had been traveling together.  hmmmmm....

5)  Where did Desmond go after talking with Jack?  And what was with the mark on Jack's neck.

6)  What do YOU think Juliette meant when she told Sawyer "We should meet for coffee ... we could go dutch!" and is that connected to her very important message delivered by Miles?

7)  Why did SOME of the Oceanic travelers on the plane-that-did-not-crash have COMPLETELY different lives... like Hurley as the "luckiest man in the world" when others were very much in the same life... like Kate, who was still in handcuffs for murdering her stepfather?

8)  If the non-clear waters (that were supposed to be clear) did not heal the Temple Leader's hand when he cut it... how did it end up "healing" Sayid?

9)  When Kate woke up from the flash, she was in a tree, but everyone else was on the ground (perfectly perpendicular to the hatch)... why was she up there when she started on the ground with them?

10)  Why did the dialog between Jack and Rose on the plan completely reverse on the plane-that-did-not-crash?

11) And last, but not least... what is up with the promo photo (above) in the form of The Last Supper.

Because, you know, no detail is unintentional.

Okay... truly... I could go on and on and on... but I won't. I just wanted to get the more nagging questions off my chest.  Tomorrow, I'll be back to my normal (is there a normal?) blog topics.  Although, I just might have to vent a little every Wednesday until Lost ends.  Oh, and please... JUMP in and share your Lost-isms if you're a fan.  I'm really a tad obsessed with it and love to talk about it!

Thank you, non-Lost-fans, for your patience! 

Now... Go!  Comment!


  1. Okay, so are you implying that Juliette knows they are back in LA in the sideways universe and thinks that her and Sawyer should meet for coffee. How would she know this? No idea, but it would be wonderful! :)

  2. YES that's exactly what I'm implying. And the question "how would she know this"... that's just one of the typical Lost-mysteries... but after Miles said "It worked. That's what she wanted to tell you." That means to me, that she knew it worked too... and how would she know THAT? I totally believe they'll cross paths in the "flash sideways".

  3. I don't even try to figure it out. It hurts my brain too much! I just watch and soak up all the Sawyer and Jack yumminess.


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