February 1, 2010

The Scrap Room Part Deux

Hello!  Welcome to February (can you believe it?!)

I must say, I'm still pretty tired after all the moving and shaking yesterday, plus my first day back in the office after traveling last week, but I wanted to get online and share a little more of my "journey to my scrapbook room".  So... let's show some more of this lovely transformation.  I'm not ready to unveil my final scrap space yet, because, well... it's not done yet.  But closer than ever!

So, if you missed the beginning of the story, catch up here.  You really must see the "before" to appreciate the transformation of this space.

So... after looking around at the "man cave" when the hubs suggested that I move my scrappy supplies downstairs to that space,  we talked and planned and talked some more.  About the same time, my office was downsizing in space and furniture and had an auction on old items and supplies.  I put my bid in on a few things and a friend commented, "if you had the room for it, wouldn't that be a great scrapbooking table?"  I blinked.  I thought, "I don't have the room for it now, but I soon will..."  I hesitated briefly.  I bid.  On a solid black 3' x 6' conference room table that was in pieces.  A golden buy at my $25 bid!

After winning, I went home and told the hubs about the spectacular deal I got him on a new computer desk... and oh, by the way, I bought a scrapbooking table.  And... gee whiz... I just don't think it will fit the way we planned.  Now, that sounds a little conniving, but it wasn't.  I really didn't think about it when I bid on the table, but it would be too much when compared to how we planned the space with my original table.  The hubs... bless him... said he'd "take the closet" and I could have the rest of the space. 

Gulp.  Now I wasn't only taking over his man cave partially... I was shoving him into a closet!

I'm not without guilt.  In fact, I probably have more than my fair share.  And so, to "make it up to him" for his gracious move into the closet (he really did sound like he was excited over it), I started making my own plans.  If I was going to take over his space, at least I could do was concede my ever-present resistance to football and paint it in his favorite team's colors.

He's an Oakland Raiders fan. Silver and Black.  Off I went to visit Home Depot and find some silver and black paint.  The hubs didn't know any of what I was planning.  I wanted it to be a surprise.

Most years, I take my mother's birthday off from work, to celebrate her memory.  Last year, I planned a paint-the-room day.  I woke up and got dressed for work like every other day... I kissed the hubs goodbye and took the boy to work. (And I did this becuase it never fails that if I plan a "me" day off from work, someone else gets sick or decides to stay home too.) After I dropped him off, I had a relaxing bagel and chai tea at Panera before meandering over to Home Depot when they opened, where I bought the paint, tape and brushes. Then I traipsed home for a very busy day.  I had to move furniture and a buncha-junk to prep the walls first by sanding and cleaning the spackle, then tape up the edges.  I painted a primer on most areas since the walls were untreated.  Then two coats of paint.  Granted, it was one wall and the space around the closet... not a lot... but still... all of this between 9am and 5pm.  I rocked!

When the boys got home, the Hubs came downstairs, surprised to see my car in the driveway, asking, "when did you get off work?"  Then he stopped in his tracks, as I looked over at him, feeling a little guilty, where I was touching up one area of the wall. 

"Do you like it?" I asked.  I then hurridly explained my reasoning for the colors... silver with black accents... to celebrate the Raiders since I was taking over most of the space.  He was very impressed with how much I got done... and really liked it.  He even got changed and helped me finish up the closet moulding. And he moved back all the furniture for me (temporarily).

And then he said, "I want to paint the ceiling and the closet," ... and he did the next weekend!

It certainly was a great improvement... but there was still... so... much... junk!

Straight on shot... that's the closet the Hubs offered to move into, before he painted it.  We had lots of junk to get rid of first!

That's "my side" of the room... when I gamed and used my computer desk.  Now it was just a junk holder.

I didn't paint the paneling, although I was tempted.  The problem is that it wraps around the rest of the finished basement... where we watch TV and play Wii, etc.  I don't think I would be able to stop it at the edge of this area and still have it look okay... so I just left it alone.  When in doubt, right?  Besides, my scrapbook storage cubes will cover most of this wall...

This is the Hubs' side... at least until the closet gets cleared.  MUCH better than the unfinished drywall we've been looking at for over 9 years!  And what was even better?  He fixed the wiring so it's not all over the place!  Sweet!

I can't wait to show you the finished product... but I want to wait until I have things looking a little... no, a LOT... less messy than they are right now.  Soon.... very soon....

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  1. looking forward to the final reveal! how exciting for you!


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