February 28, 2010

10 Questions for a Giveaway

Hello my friends!

I finally had a few minutes to put together some questions to jump start a giveaway.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the "prize" but I can guarantee it's some fun scrappy goodness!  I will try and get a photo up later.

In the meantime, to enter and win, ya gotta answer the questions.  Winners will be picked using Random.org.  Unless you are the only one to answer... wouldn't that be awesome?

My questions are a combination 'scavenger hunt' and Q's about you.  You can fnd all the answers to the questions NOT about you here on my blog. Wander around... the answers are there.  I've tried to make them pretty simple... I hate it when people feel frustrated as a result of something I have asked. 

So... answer in a comment these following questions by 9pm ET Tuesday, March 2nd and I will generate a winner before I leave for my scrapbooking retreat this Thursday.




1. What movie do I have linked on my blog that I can't wait to come out... which is coming out this week?

2. What was I so excited about on February 2nd?

3. When I got inky back in December, what did I make?

4. Other than paper, adhesive and scissors, what are your favorite three things to use for traditional scrapbooking? (If you're a digi-only scrapbooker, tell me your top three faves digitally... I'm completely ignorant on this type of scrapping, so I wanna know!

5. Which member of my zoo has actually written a blog post for me, because I was too tired after moving my scrapbook room?

6. What is my favorite scrapbooking site of all time - at least it's the most mentioned site on my blog.

7. Name two things that I listed in a post that I'm not very talented at.

8. What type of food does my husband hate (he thinks it's yucky)?

9. What movie did I just see on my most recent "date night" with The Hubs?

10. Realizing that I started this blog with a class called "Blogging for Scrapbookers", and looking back at my posts to come up with some of these questions, I realize I haven't really shared my scrapbooking much. I know this is because I'm super busy most of the time, and don't really scrap much. Something that I want to change. I also realize that most of my readers are scrapbookers themselves. So... do my posts interest you, or do you want to see more scrapbooking related posts?

11. Bonus obscure question: What is my all-time favorite "B" flick?

Stop back later tonight, too... I'll try to add a photo to the top of this post of the scrappy fun I'm sending to one of you!


  1. hehe great giveaway...
    1. Alice in Wonderland
    2. Lost
    3. Tags
    4. Paint, Ink and Glimmer Mist (messy stuff)
    6. The Everyday Scrapper
    7. totally suck at talking on the phone and has zero rhythm
    8. anything green
    9. The Avatar
    10. I read your blog everytime you update it, and it really does interest me.
    11. Night of the Comet

    Have a great day xxx

  2. Thanks for the chance!!! Love your blog!!!

    1. Alice in Wonderland!!! Cant wait!!!!!
    2. Lost Final Season - The Beginning of the End!
    3. christmas tags
    4. i love...hmm. bling! chipboard letters anddd...def. ink!
    5. Sparky *meow!*
    6. SFTIO (thats how I found you!)
    7. Remembering names! (me, too) and talking on the phone (me too!)
    8. green veggies (even chives?!)
    9.Avatar, which was totally awesome! My hubs and I are STILL talking about it!
    10. of course they're interesting! i loved the splenda rant!

    Bonus. Night of the Comet (that was was TOO easy!)

  3. 1. Alice in Wonderland
    2. Lost was on TV
    3. a tag with a plaid background
    4. my fave 3: buttons, ink & stamps
    5. Sparky the cat
    6. Scrapping from the Inside Out (how I found your blog)
    7. Talking on the phone when people call and losing weight
    8. green foods
    9. Avatar
    10. I just began checking out your blog a couple weeks ago - I like it as it is
    11. Night of the Comet

    Thank you. Lisa L.

  4. 1. Alice in Wonderland
    2. Lost
    3. tags
    4. Prima flowers, inks, brads
    5. Sparky
    6. SFTIO
    7. talking on the phone, remembering names
    8. anything green
    9. Avatar
    10. I read everytime you update. I like the everyday stuff. Would love to see you share more scrapping too!
    11. Night of the Comet

  5. 1. Alice in Wonderland 2.The beginning of LOST 3.Xmas tags 4.flowers..chipboard..blingy thingys. 5.Mr. Sparky..6. SFTIO 7.talking on the phone..remembering names,,,8.everything green..unless it is smothered in catsup..then he will eat it LOL... 9 Avatar 10..your posts are delightful,,,entertaing,,,very enjoyabel..11 Night of the Comet


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