February 5, 2010

Out My Back Window

This morning when I woke up there was no snow on the ground.  Maybe a bit in parking lots where it had been plowed up, but otherwise... no snow.

Then, about 10am, it started to fall.  I watched it... little flakes, but lots of 'em.  11:30, the flakes were big and sloppy wet.  I cold tell the roads were getting slushy.  2pm the cars in the parking lot were covered completely and the trees had beautiful inches of snow on the branches.  4:30pm I was home, soaking wet from the humungous wet flakes falling outside.

I LOVE it.

One of my sisters recently sent me a new bird feeder as a belated Christmas gift.  After I braved the nasty roads home, I spent a few moments looking out my back window at the gorgeous snowflakes falling.  I also could not help but notice 12 or 14 birdies fighting for seats on the one lonely bird feeder I already had out there.  So, I filled my new gift and set it outside so that there could be more room at the inn.

Then I sat by my back window and within a few scant minutes, this is what happened:

No Birdies (My sister's new feeder gift is in the foreground)

One Birdie...

MORE Birdies!!

And someone who liked hangin' around...

And my special guest for the evening (so glad I caught him on camera)...

D'ya know what's odd about my having bird feeders and taking photos of the company that visits them?

I'm terrified of birds!


  1. it's starting to look like our back feeders...nice pics..now get back to work on that scrap cubby LOL

  2. My backyard looks much the same right now - minus the bird feeders. What great birdie photos you got!


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