April 22, 2010


For over a week now I have been making lists (in my head) of things… things I need to do, things I need to buy, things I need to cook, things I need to make, things I need to tell my friend or The Hubs or the Boy, things I need to remember, things I need to remind The Hubs about, things I need to blog about, things I need to mail, things I need to email, things I should do to be healthy, things I shouldn’t do to be healthy, things I need to collect, things I need to photograph, things I need to donate, things I need to throw away, things I should eat, things I shouldn’t eat…so many things to think about that I am utterly exhausted. EXHAUSTED!

So, whenever my mind is overactive like this I try to put it down on paper…uh, when I finally realize it’s overactive, that is. I figure if I have it down on paper, I won’t need to think about it anymore. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t (especially when I lose the paper and then get mad because I should have just kept repeating it in my head). Over time, the “things” become much more negative, and that becomes more tiring. It has taken me 10+ days to get here, but I finally realize that it’s time to let “things” go. I have to write “things” down and if I lose the paper, so be it. This is my one-little-word year of Release after all… and so far I don’t feel that I’m doing very well at it.

Anyhoo… time to get my mind back on the right track. I have begun to write down some of the things above, and I have begun to let go some of the other things that just spin around in my noggin. But, to celebrate lists, I thought I’d take a cue from my friend Nancy and share a few fun lists with you today:

10 Things that Make Me Happy
  • Water. I love water. I love drinking water, I love swimming, I love touching water, I love, love, love water. It makes me happy. 
  • A sunny day with a cool breeze (like today)
  • Music – specifically “my” music.
  • My furbabies… 2 dogs and 4 cats that make me so happy!
  • Clouds in the sky that form shapes that only I can see.
  • My new scrapbook room… I’m not over the novelty of having so much space yet. Still rearranging and organizing, but that makes me happy too! And while I haven’t shown a whole lot of what I’ve been doing, I’ve been down there creating way more often than when everything was in my bedroom corner!
  • Walking in the park with my friend C-Tina… haven’t been doing it much lately and I do miss it.
  • Email. Sending and receiving “real” emails make me happy.
  • LOST. I will be very sad when it ends but my anticipation of all the questions getting answered is practically tangible!
  • The smell of paper… even regular office or school notebook paper. Magazines, books, scrappy supplies…I love the smell of paper and printing on paper. Smelling paper puts a smile on my face. Guess it’s a good thing I like papercrafts huh?

 5 Pieces of Trivia About Me
  • I am a compulsive corrector. If someone says something wrong (mispronounces a word or uses incorrect grammar), I often correct them before I can stop myself. My kids hate it when I do it and The Hubs mostly tolerates it. I don’t mean to be a jerk about it, but it really bugs me. Especially when someone (like one of the kids) consistently and constantly says something that is wrong. It makes my skin crawl. I try to hold back… really I do! Except with my kids… if an adult (parent, teacher, stepparent in my case) doesn’t take the time to ensure kids are speaking and writing in a correct manner, how will they ever know?
  • I say “excuse me” when I burp, even if no one is around to hear.
  • My heart hurts when I see animals dead by the side of the road. I am so sensitive to it that I have finally had to come up with a “be peaceful now” type prayer to say when I see them so I can feel better and stop obsessing over how that animal felt when it got hit. Yeah, I’m pretty sensitive. And weird.
  • I’m a closet bohemian spirit. Sometimes “she” gets out. Mostly not.
  • I yearned to be a gymnast when I was a kid, but never pursued it because of my (perceived) weight issues. That, and I couldn’t even do a headstand in Acrobatics class.

 How 'bout you?  Got any lists you'd like to share?


  1. This book http://www.amazon.com/Listography-Journal-Your-Life-Lists/dp/0811859088/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1271911821&sr=8-2 encourages making lists. lol

    I love lists. I just don't always follow them. Grocery lists always get left in the car. I'll make a nice list of things to do around the house on my day off. But then I wake up and think "my bed is comfy and I have this book...." and it doesn't get done. But I do so love making lists!

  2. I love making lists and I love checking things off the list as I do them. A finished checklist is a joy - now if someone would just give me an "A" or a gold star at the top of my paper when I'm done, I'd probably be in heaven.

  3. I've just started making lists again as I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed by all I needed to do and couldn't keep it all in my head. I'd get to the end of each day and think 'Oh no, I forgot to do......' Lists keep me sane and I think I'll also start to write down all the things I've done each day so I can really have a sense of achievement. Timetabling some of my days might help too, until I get out of the mire, but I find that really difficult to do.


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