April 4, 2010

Some Gratitude...

I am so grateful to have a friend who walked with me early Saturday morning.  It was a good walk and I hope to enjoy many more with her.  There's nothing like being up early in the morning, outside in the fresh air.  We saw some wild critters... no deer... one wild turkey.  I really, really enjoyed our walk and our conversation and I can't wait to do it again, both because of the health benefits and because I really enjoy her company.

I am so grateful to have two awesome and talented friends that I joined at an impromptu private crop Saturday afternoon and evening.  I'm also grateful to the owner of the store where I work who allows us to have the table space even after the store is closed.  It was a great time, filled with food, scrappin', movies and fun.  I can't wait to do it again!

I am grateful to have a husband who is working hard to bring some extra cash in right now... and who can fix things on my computer when they go wrong.  I lost something very important to me on Saturday, and this evening he was able to restore it.  Woo Hoo Hubs!  While he was working today though, I was sad to have to spend the entire Sunday in the house without him. 

However, because he wasn't home it forced me to get some of those things done that I had wanted to do on Friday.  I got through about 3/4 of our laundry (yeah, I had really let it pile up), got the dishes done and started some major spring cleaning in my scrapbook room.  We have a scrapbook garage sale coming up and I wanted to clear some things out and get it priced... and it felt good to have all that time down there without bumping into The Hubs at his computer... so while I missed him, I'm kinda grateful that he was gone, otherwise I might not have gotten as much done as I did.

And I am grateful to the Boy who got a bug in him to bake cupcakes.  Hmmm... I think I'll go have one now.

Happy Easter!

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