April 2, 2010

Nature's First Green is Gold...

I had the best of intentions tonight.  I was going to come home and Get. Things. Done.  Did it happen?  Not quite...

I was going to cook dinner...
Instead, I ate leftovers, and was satisfied.

I was going to start laundry...
Instead, my son has the machines occupied with his and even now that they are back available, I just don't feel like getting it started.

I was going to clean up my corner of the room that is a total mess from when I moved my scrapbook room downstairs...
Instead, I sat on the couch and talked with The Hubs about his upcoming job change (new company, starting this coming Wednesday).

I was going to take a walk at the park with my dogs...
Instead, I plopped down on my bed and dozed while listening to a re-run of NCIS in the background.

I was going to clean out the linen closet...
Instead.... I just didn't.  Yet.

I was going to take some photos of my budding leaves on my trees...
Instead, I discovered my trees are leaf-ing yet.  My neighbor's are, but, well... I felt odd walking across the street to take pictues of her tree.

Speaking of her tree versus my trees.  Our trees in our yard are the last trees to lose their leaves in the fall, and the last trees in the neighborhood to show their new leaves in the spring.  Why is that? 

And speaking of noticing this in the first place, am I the only person in the world who watches nature?  I walked out of the house on Thursday morning and looked across the street and WHAM! It caught my attention completely that my neighbor's tree had a green "glow" at the tips of the branches.  New leaves out... today... there are so many!  (Of course, it probably helped that we had 80-degree weather yesterday and today... what the heck happened to spring??)  Anyway, I pointed the green glow to The Hubs and it was like 'huh?' ... like he couldn't care less.  I am so excited to see the first green that I look for it for weeks before it starts peeking. After it "peeks" it just explodes!  A week ago, I walked to the place where I had planted some Hostas.  Not a single indication that they were growing back.  I lamented to one of my sisters about it (because she had split one of her hostas to send two with me back home) that I had killed it.  She assured me I hadn't and to wait.

Lo!  And behold!  I walked around the house tonight and they are inches above the ground!  Check it out:

Anyway... and nothing I had intended to do tonight has gotten done. I  have a gift to wrap, and I really wanted to check some of my list off because I'll be cropping all day Saturday and I wanted to relax some on Sunday and not have to worry about 7 loads of laundry, etc. 

Oh well... what do they say about the best of intentions pave the road somewhere?  Yeah... I think I've paved a billion roads that way by now.

Ah, well... at least I took time today to enjoy my daffs!  I realize that's not the same as stopping to smell the roses, but my rose bush is just leafing now... it's too early... so I stopped and sniffed the daffs instead.

Happy Spring!


  1. I like to watch nature too and noticed the buds coming on the plant outside our back door. The thing I really can't wait to see though is the first swallow to appear at the farm. Then I know summer's really here.

  2. A definite nature watcher here!! I saw our first swallows yesterday in between the rain storms. It was SO cool.

  3. I love watching nature, usually while I'm walking somewhere. I can't not look and enjoy (even with really bad allergies every spring).

  4. Yeah for you! I've been unplugged all weekend and not sure when I'll catch up. But I did enjoy time away from the computer and checking out nature here.

  5. Kai I feel like this all the time- right now I have mounds of laundry piled up! Love that pic though!


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