April 5, 2010

Blog Love...

To all of my blogging friends out there, I want to send you some blog love.  For every person who has commented even once on any of my posts, I have visited and read your blog.  At least once, if not many more times than once, I have commented or tried to comment.  And I want you all to know that I visit frequently.  Unfortunately, I have had some difficulties commenting or "following" some of your blogs out there. I don't know if it's a problem on my end or yours, but I did want you to know... I have visited... and I have tried to comment.  If my comment didn't work, I have tried to find a way to contact you... but some of you don't have an email link. 

I'm sorry... I really have tried. 

So for those of you who haven't seen me lurking around and commenting on your posts... it isn't for lack of trying. But I wanted to make sure you know, I am there... reading, supporting and commenting (to myself at the very least).  Thank you for being open and talented and willing to share your lives, experiences and families. I find it inspiring and engaging...and please consider linking a valid email to your profile so I can at least send you comments that way. 

Thank you!


  1. how thoughtful of you to post this :)

  2. you're so sweet. i also wish people would leave an email so that I could personally thank them for all their supportive posts!

  3. This is a really lovely post. You're so sweet!


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