January 5, 2010

Releasing the New Year...

Are you a sucker for New Year's resolutions?  I used to be.  And by January 31st of the "new year", all memory of them were erased from my mind.  So, for several years, I just stopped. What was the point? 

But last year, I decided to choose one little word for 2009. Do.  I talked about it here and here.  And after a great deal of thought and deliberation, I have decided to choose another "one little word" for 2010: 


I want to release all of the horrible thoughts and memories that circle around in my head, poisoning how I think and act today.  I want to release my unrelenting grip on memorabilia that clutter up my home and life.  I want to release myself from self-imposed rules that do me no good. I want to release my healthy inner soul from my overweight, unhealthy prison of a body.  I want to release my emotions more on my layouts in the spirit of Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.  I want to release my cyncism about human nature as a whole.  I want to release myself from feeling that I am responsible to control or guide my husband's and kids' lives.

To help me work toward my one little word, here are six things I am resolving to do:
  1. Play the Wii every night that I don't work at my second job - minimum of 4 nights a week.
  2. Scrapbook at least 15 minutes (releasing the "need" to finish what I start) at least 4 nights every week.
  3. Take more walks outside - with my camera of course!
  4. Continue my goal from last year to read one book a month.  I have really enjoyed this "release" from reality and everyday life
  5. Be a better correspondent.  Perhaps if I wrote/emailed/talked to my friends and family more, I would not allow old conversations and interactions to echo so loudly in my head and influence current feelings.
  6. Continue to work toward getting 8 hours of sleep a night.  I'm up to an average of 7 now, from an average of 4-5.  I'd love to get into a steady pattern of 8 hours of zzzzzz's a night.
How about you?  Do you "do" resolutions?  What do you think about them?  Are they stupid?  Are they your inspiration in the new year?  Have you made any for 2010?  Share... I really am interested.

Oh... and by the way... keep reading.  Someday soon, I'm going to do a fun li'l giveaway.  I haven't gotten my head wrapped around what it is I want to do... but it will be fun scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff when I get to it!


  1. love your word, resolutions and goals! I too have many of the same.

  2. Nice list and sentimenets. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Release is a great word and your resolutions to go with them are great! My word for 2010 is "wholehearted" and I plan to blog about that later today.


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