April 29, 2010

Keep YOUR Breast

Y'all already know I'm walking in the Susan G. Koman 5K Race for the Cure in May. Just wanted to give another shout out about breast cancer awareness.

A friend of mine was just diagnosed this week with breast cancer. They found it early, which is good. But your world kind-of tilts when things like this happen. While I, personally, have yet to be directly affected with a cancer diagnosis, I have sat beside several people who have. My mom was one of them (although it was Ovarian cancer, which I talked about in a previous post).

Please, if you are a woman and reading my blog, get yourself checked on a regular basis. Breast cancer is one of the highest rated cancers that you can BEAT! Especially if it is caught early.  Don't think that if you have no family members who have had breast cancer that you are immune.  You're not.  ANYONE can get breast cancer, whether or not your family is predisposed to it.  Honestly, all it takes is one tiny cell in your body to not develop correctly and open a whole can of worms.  Don't put off and ignore your annual exams.  When you are older - between 35 and 40 - start getting mammograms.  Seriously, I say this as a person who puts these things off

Today I will be scheduling my first mammogram.  I have put it off for months.  I'll be 40 next month.  Time to make sure my body is working right.  I hope you do whatever it is that needs to be done, to make sure your body is working right.

Thanks for listening.  Infomercial off.


  1. Good for you, this is so important. All the best to your friend xx

  2. Best of luck to your friend. It was a personal friend's diagnosis that got me to walk in the 3 day in 2008 (my toenails are still healing).


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