November 30, 2010


My goodness... where did November go?  In 10 minutes it will be December in my part of the world.  One measly month left of 2010.  25 days until Christmas. Seriously, what the heck happened?

Do you remember sitting in school watching the clock practically go backwards, time was moving so slow?  Or those long summer vacations that in the beginning, all you could do was whine, "Mom, I'm booooooorrrrreeeed."  To which she would reply, "go outside and play."  I would wander outside, still "bored" although I did always find plenty to do.  But those days seemed to go on forever... for the most part.  I do remember my parents having a very hard time getting me out of the pool when it was my bedtime.  My lips would be blue - or so I was told - and I did not want to get out!

Why does time... or the perception of time passing... speed up like this?  The older we get, the faster it goes.  Or so I hear. 

Does there come a time when time slows down again?  Will I appreciate it then?  Or will I be tapping my fingers, glancing at the clock every few seconds wishing that it would move faster?


For now... I just want to say farewell to November.  It's been a HELL of a month for me.  I'm ready for it to be gone. 

And here's to December being a much better month... and here's to hoping I can appreciate the time as it passes instead of looking back, like I am now, wondering where it went. 

Heeelllllloooooooo December!


  1. Sorry you have had a miserable November! I kind of can relate though... I've basically had enough of 2010 all together. It sure hasn't been the best year and I only hope and pray that 2011 is much, much better! I hope so for you too!

  2. Now that that's just KNOW December is going to rock, right???

  3. Yea. the whole December took me by surprise too...Its like it was just june and I went inside to get some tea and now its DECEMBER...but...I love December...If only I can stay sane...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~

  4. I cant believe how quick the year has gone, Hope your December is better for you :)


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