November 8, 2010


"Hello, my name is Kai and I am a collector."  (This is probably why I have so much clutter.)

I have in the past, or currently now, collect:
  • teddy bears
  • wolves - not real animals, but items depicting them, including prints/photos
  • Native American pictures and items
  • Green Man pictures and items
  • rocks
  • sea shells
  • tea cups
  • tea pots
  • shot glasses
  • quotes
  • games
  • Disney movies
  • salt & pepper shakers
  • anything Eeyore
  • things (I don't necessarily need or want) that belonged to family members who have passed.
Okay.  So, you can see that I'm not lying.  I am in definite need of "Collector's Anonymous".

I have tried to stop many of these collections.  Some have been more successful than others. For example, I no longer collect salt & pepper shakers - at least, I don't buy them.  and technically, I only "collected" them because my mother had a collection, and I inherited them when she passed.

Recently, I decided it was time to give up my teddy bears.  Well, not recently, more like 2-3 years ago.  I have obviously struggled with it.  One of my sisters suggested that I take a photo of each one, then scrapbook it.  And give away the teddy bear after the photo was taken.

The Girl and I started this process two weekends ago.  Because in order to clear the clutter from the table in my room, I have to clear the bookcase, and the bookcase is where these bears reside.  As I was taking them down and she was cleaning them up, she asked me what I was going to do with them.  I was honest and told her I was donating them.  She was shocked and asked me, "Why?!"  I told her I couldn't keep collecting them and they had to go to someone who would love them. 

Then she noticed I was getting rid of my Eeyores too.  "You're giving Eeyore away?!"  I believe there were actual tears in her eyes.

Mine too.

I started taking photos of some of them, and when I was done, I placed them in a plastic bag.

Except this one. 

He's a keeper.  Because The Hubs made him for me.

And these two...

The Girl decided she wanted to keep them because they are so extraordinarily soft (and secretly I was glad because I really didn't want to give the twins up).

And I kept my Gund.  The only Gund I ever got.  It took me a long time to get him. Ya just Gotta Get a Gund

We made it through only a quarter of the pile before my camera's battery died.  Then she had to go.  Then the hubs got sicker and I haven't returned to it yet.  And now, as I look at the bags sitting in the corner, I have a strong desireto take a few "back" from the bags.  Not all... but a couple. 


Why do some people (like me) get so caught up in collections?  Do you?  Have you given any up?  Got any pointers you'd like to share?


  1. You are being very brave with your teddies, it's very hard to clear something out isn't it? I'm not so much of a collector as a hoarder! I find it very hard to let go, so well done you :)

  2. I am a recovering collector. It all ended when I realized that I hate clutter and I hate dusting and most of my collections just looked messy and required constant maintenance (dusting)! The beanie babies was the worst addiction - most went to a police headquarters that hands them out to children being removed from their homes. But there is still a boxful up in the attic that need a home. Jay & I used to collect shot glasses of every place we vacationed. We just got tired of them - they went to GoodWill. We have photos to remember the vacations by - we didn't need useless dust collecting shot glasses. My collection of Boyd's Bears figurines is boxed. Awaiting the day I learn to use eBay to sell them. There are only one or two I would actually keep from that collection - ones that have special meaning. I also used to collect Eeyore stuff. Until I read Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture. And realized that Eeyore is a pessimistic gloomy gus and I really want to be a Tigger! Collections follow the same rule as any other clutter. If you USE it, it is beautiful, or it brings you joy, then keep it. If not, pitch or donate. Kudos to you for starting the culling process. Now close up that bag and put it in the trunk. Then make a trip to wherever you donate and get the temptation out of your life! :)


  4. I'm a collector of Christmas ornaments, clowns and perfume bottles...the clowns are all in a box in the garage and the perfume bottles are boxed as well, but in a safer place. I can't have these fragile items out with two bouncing boys around. The Christmas ornaments only come out for one month a year and then back into their safe, tissue lined boxes they go. Now that my clowns and bottles are not out, I'm thinking that the clowns are going to be gone in very short order, except the two that my grandmother collected as part of her doll collection and that I received when she died.

    I am learning that the thing is not the memory...but I think I'll follow your lead and take pictures before donating. That seems like a very sensible way to keep the memory and a representation of the object.

  5. We had to downsize recently... so everything I collect is now in sealed boxes in the garage!! I admire you for taking steps, it is an addiction! :)
    Gayle xx

  6. Um. My name is Mel and I, too, am a collector. I sort of collect hedgehogs (I used to wholeheartedly collect hedgehogs but managed to have a big cull during one of our house moves. I miss the spikey fellas...). I collect Shimelle classes (got a full set now, yay!). I collect blogs that I love to visit (like yours, for instance). I collect craft supplies. I collect Terry Pratchett books (heck, I collect BOOKS!) I think in my case the trouble is that I feel the need to complete any collection I start. I have to have the whole series of whatever it is. I think it's actually bordering on OCD....

  7. Oh dear, I too am a collector/hoarder. I collect elephants, no not the real ones! and bowls! and craft stuff. I have just had a cull of fridge magnets. Oh I forgot the stuff from people now passed and then there are so many candles and jugs. I am so looking forward to this house move. Stuff just has to go! I like the idea of taking a photo before the 'thing' goes, thanks :)


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