November 5, 2010

Scrappy Dream Dream Dreams...

Having been home caring for a sick Hubs, I’ve had some nights where sleep just wasn’t… available. What better way to spend some hours than browsing around looking at scrappy goodies? I just thought I’d share with you.  Click on any image to see more of what I'm jonesin' for!
Bo Bunny’s Flower Child:

This actually came out earlier this year but my LSS (where I work) didn’t carry it and I’m a bit lazy when it comes to looking around at other stores. If it’s not at my LSS, I don’t typically buy it. Yes, I’m THAT lazy. But I have been lusting over this entire line for months.

Little Yellow Bicycle’s Free Spirit:

It was the season of peace, love and happiness in the scrapping world this year. This was the other line I so very much wanted and have missed out on getting it. Perhaps if I can find it online somewhere, I might still grab some up, but when you want the whole line and all you can find is bits and pieces, it’s a tad dejecting.

Tim Holtz’s Configurations:
What endless possibilities does this bring? Unfortunately, right before he released these, I had purchased 5 of these from 7 Gypsies:
I can’t justify buying the configurations until I have crafted something in my printers trays.

Tim Holtz Texture Fades:

Having a thing for Tim Holtz (as most people know) and trees (as probably not many know) these particular texture fades are high on my list. But they aren’t the only ones! I’m also completely lusting after the snowman/snow fades:

And the cobwebs fade (not really interested in the words, but unfortunately they come in a set):
I’m also completely swooning over practically ALL of the On the Edge dies:
Soul Restoration:

I’m still thinking about this class. It’s right up the alley I want to be walking right now, but I’m always afraid that I will commit and then not have the time or some other situation will occur to prevent me from taking part in the class as fully as I wish. But it’s a distinct maybe walking on the edge of will do it… I will have to make my decision soon.

We R Memory Keepers Merry January:
Okay, THIS I bought! I think I purchased pretty much every bit of it and then split it with my stepmom. I’m a fall/winter freak, so this paper was right up my alley, especially with the snowman. I love snowmen (and women)! I don't discriminate.

So... what about you?  Any new scrappy supplies you've been lusting after recently?  Perhaps I can add to my list with some of your paper desires! 


  1. YUM!! I'm loving all the Crate Paper lines; the Configurations are *gorgeous* and I'll be decorating one as part of my Tim Holtz class in February (still *happy dancing!*) - for Christmas I've asked for spending money so I can buy as much of his stuff as possible in Feb.....

  2. i love scrappy supplies...yummo!


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