November 15, 2010

More "Kitting"

More weekend spent getting one of my classes together for the retreat coming up in *gasp* 1 1/2 days!  I don't even have my personal projects and supplies gathered or packed yet!  YIKES!

So you saw the bows.  I don't have a finished project photo, but if I can get one, I will post it later.  But... I had a whole different class to prep for and it seriously took me nearly the entire night Saturday and an additional half-day on Sunday, with a couple of hours help from The Girl.  Of course, asking a fifteen year old girl who keeps one hand on her cell phone for texting at all times to help you organize and package up a class kit is like asking a tree to drop its leaves neatly into piles.  Yes, you typically don't get what you hoped for.  She did help though, with a few bumps and one backtrack fix by me. 

So I can't say I came up with the idea for this project all by my lonesome. The Internet has a plethora of ideas out there, and I most definitely saw this idea previously and warped it into my own for this class.  Just giving credit where credit is due, although I can't  name the exact individual who had the original idea to create this.

I also wish I had a photo of my original "demo" of this project, because I honestly like how it turned out a little better than this one.  But I do like this one as well!

It is a regular manila file folder folded into a cute accordion book. This is a very simple version and so much more can be done with it, but it's super fun, and perfect for a brag book or gift.  Perfect time of year to be teaching it, right? 

So there you go.  I have one more teeny thing to prep (for the class with the bows) and then I will be using the rest of tomorrow night and Wednesday morning to get my own things together.  Any suggestions on how to tackle this?

Methinks I'll just save time by packing everything but the kitchen sink...


  1. Ah, I remember the days of "kitting" and I used to be amazed at how little the class takers realized or appreciated how much of the work you had done for them by giving them perfectly sized pre-cut bits!

    This project looks lovely and would also make a great little family gratitude mini-album for Thanksgiving! Now if I can just figure out the cutting and folding instructions for the base...

  2. Love it! Can't wait to do this class. Only a few more days. I am totally pulling an all-nighter tonight to pack my stuff. Tomorrow will be a bad day, haha. :)

  3. I love this project. Can't imagine trying to kit a class!


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