November 21, 2010

End of an Era...

Home from the scrappy "retreat".

Bittersweet to leave.

Got a little slap-happy on the 2-hour ride home.

Took possibly over 100 photos.

On my friend's camera, or I'd share.

Maybe later.


Not even unpacking.



  1. I can imagine! I know the feeling when I left the biz ... driving home from my last selling event... knowing that my world was about to change... happy and sad about letting go. I do miss the regular (usually about monthly) attendance at weekend events. I don't miss the inventory, the loading and unloading of my vehicle, the pressure to create "samples" and never be able to scrapbook for myself, the being "stuck" with one product line because that is what I was selling.

  2. Sounds like you are very tired, see you when you stocked up on sleep! :)


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