August 15, 2013

Pushing Through the "Meh"...


A "newer" word meaning to feel bleah, apathetic, unexcited, bored and "over it".  Meh is how I have felt the past few days, hence, no blogging from me.  Tonight I was ready to let the meh continue and move past the computer and straight into bed.  But then, inspired by a previous blog post by Effy Wild, I decided that the meh can't win tonight.

So... a little post to share with you those people around me who inspire me artistically, to help get my creative juices flowing again and push me past the meh, both in my blog world and my artsy world.

Kicking it all off for me, honest and truly, was Soul Restoration with Melody Ross and The Brave Girls Club.  I still want... no NEED... to go back to this course and revisit it.  I signed on for Soul Restoration 2 and never did complete it.  Yes, this was a big one to kick me in the pants and start peeling away the ties that bound me into do-nothing, both creatively and in life.

Shout out to Kirsty Wiseman.  She was the first person, two years ago, to successfully get me to "art" in the Me and My MoleskinE class.

I played more in that class and drew my first face with her lessons and support.  AND, I actually 99% finished that class - a very, very rare occurrence, so you know that means something!

I shared some of my completed pages here.

I then proceeded to sign up for a fantastic photography class by Kirsty, and I am so very sad to say, I never completed it.  Thankfully, I know I can go back and read the PDFs still.  You know, when I get a Round Tuit.

So, next up on my inspiration list is Cheri... you may know and love her from blogging world, at least many of you who have read my blog for so long... you know her.  She inspires me every time we interact!  And I love what she had done with her creativity, She Art canvases and especially with watching her photography skills develop!

From a recent post of Cheri's - her photos and layout!  Click her name above to visit her blog.

 I am so thankful Cheri and I are friends.

Miss Effy Wild is up next.  She was the first person I really explored art journaling through. And I must admit, I've "failed" miserably.   Not that I'm not being artsy and enjoying it, but I have been stuck in cement with trying new things up until recently.  Not a fault of Effy's at all!  Through her Book of Days course, I really did start to realize that my likes and desires for art and crafting were really far beyond (but include) simply scrapbooking and making cards.  I ashamedly admit, I never honest and truly started or completed a single layout in Book of Days.  But, what I have learned and truly LOVE, is how to hand bind canvas covered journals.  You can see my most recent ones in a blog post here.  But it was Miss Effy's book binding class that really lit that fire under me.  Thank you EFFY!  I must also say, she is the reason I am blogging again, having started her own blog-along challenge.  Thank you for that too, Effy, because I have really, really missed it.

Last, but not least... actually, only "last" because she is most recently in my world view.  Tamara Laporte and her Life Book 2013 course.  Wow.  I won a spot in this, as you may have read in an earlier post.  I cannot even begin to explain how awesome it is and how much I am enjoying it EVEN THOUGH, I'm super-dee-duper behind.  There is no behind, though... just loads of things to do and I'm not in the same week of the year as the present.  So, I guess you could say I'm time traveling through Life Book 2013.  What I have loved about this course most is that I am finding the techniques I really love, new ones I haven't tried and old ones I'm practicing at... but moreso, I'm figuring out that it's okay to not like a certain style or technique and let it go without perfecting it.  Thank you Effy (again) for the giveaway that won me this class... and thank you Tam for all the fantastic time and effort and beauty and creativity you put into this course.  It's fantastic!

You know what?  I feel better.  More inspired.  Ready for the weekend and ready to carve out some time to be creative and PLAY!   Thanks for letting me share what's inspiring me.

I really think I love pushing through the meh!

Help me keep going!  What or who is inspiring you lately??


  1. Glad to hear that the 'meh' is fading! It's good to get inspiration from other people isn't it? and I agree, Cheri's photography is lovely and very inspiring.

  2. Aw shucks Kai, I'm blushing. Thanks for the shout out. And you know, getting messy always helps chase the "meh" away.


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