August 22, 2013


25 years ago, TODAY, I was awoken by a phone call, on my first day of college, to my brother-in-law letting me know that my niece and Goddaughter had been born.

21 years ago, I was headed back to college for my final semester, having taken a semester as a leave of absence, causing me to be "behind" in graduation.  That final semester was filled with some of my favorite times.

19 years ago, I was auditioning for one of the last plays I ever had a part in: Squabbles.  It was a fantastic dinner theater piece and I loved every stinking minute of the production.  I still have the script, see?

My character becomes pregnant in the course of the play.  And goes into labor.  And has the baby. Something I have never experienced.  But acting it was fantastic.  :)  As soon as that play wrapped, I moved out of my home state of New York to Ohio.

16 years ago, I had just started dating the man who would become my husband.

13 years ago, I was a new wife and a new homeowner.

3 years ago, I was entering my 40th year and looking for a new lease on life.

1 year ago, The Hubs and I were preparing to be empty nesters.

7 months ago, I quit going to my personal trainer and my anxiety decreased dramatically.  Perhaps the two were connected.

3 months ago, I was spending a lovely weekend in my hometown with family.  I love a nice road trip.

1 month ago, I was loving several days in a row of "me" time, alone in the house with just a bunch of art supplies and my pets.

1 week ago, I was preparing for my iced tea in the park event.

1 day ago, I had a black cloud hanging over my head.

1 hour ago, I started writing this blog post.  I've obviously been interrupted several times, because this certainly is no great piece of literature.

Interesting how time passes, no?  Tell me about some of your "agos".  :)


  1. I have so many more "ago"s than you! Let's start with 30 years ago I graduated college. I don't have any particularly great memories. 28 years ago this month I got married. I still am. Occasionally I wonder why. 23 years ago I gave birth to my first child. 5 years ago I sent that child off to college. 1 year ago I helped her move to her own apartment outside of Washington D.C. That same month, my youngest two started college. Two days from now I will take those younger two to college (first away experience for one of them) and will have my first taste of empty nest. Two days ago I was totally looking forward to that - in fact, couldn't wait. Today I'm less certain about the whole thing.

  2. P.S. Did that nasty black cloud go away?

    1. Not gone away, entirely, but diminished. Which is good. :) (hugs)

  3. This is an interesting theme. I have a decade more 'agos' than you but the most memorable one for me is that 27 years ago today I went into labour with my first child. She didn't arrive until the following day but I can still remember the feelings I was going through 23 August 1986!
    Hope you are feeling brighter today.

  4. I think it was obvious to those of us who read your blog that there was a relationship between your anxiety and your training programme! Glad you're back blogging

    1. (Hugs) Bernice... not blogging every day, but a successful month nonetheless, I think. :)

  5. I so Loved this Blog, I will include it tomorrow on my own blog, I have many Ago's as well! Glad I got to read this!! keep blogging!

  6. Love this!
    tucking it away to do some time in the future.
    Thank you!

  7. I love the theme of your post ~ a very interesting way to approach your Ago's. Thanks!


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