April 27, 2013


Hey howdy...

I'm in the middle of my annual springtime scrappin' retreat but wanted to pop by and write a little, since I've been missing it, and y'all.  :)   I hafta say, I'm really excited for how productive I have been this retreat, so far.  I will be sharing what I've made but at the moment, everything that I've made just happen to be gifts and I can't show pictures until they're all delivered.  I know, I'm such a tease!

I will, however, show you something I did a while back at a scrapbook weekend in February... my first handmade journal, from start to finish.  

I took a free Book Binding 101 course from Effy Wild and this was the result.  I was so stinkin' pleased with it!  When I was making it, a friend saw the finished product and asked me to make one (with dragons instead of butterflies) for her son, for his birthday next month.  I finally finished that one, and feel safe enough to show you as neither she nor her son read my blog...

I was thrilled with how it came out! 

So, see?  My fingers have not been idle, they just haven't been typing much.  Which, to be honest, I'm sure my laptop appreciates since by the time I'm done with these journals, my fingers are pretty inky.

Anyone out there doing anything fun and creative lately??


  1. Not particularly a fan of dragons... but the butterfly journal is awesome! Enjoy your weekend!


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