August 2, 2013

Things You See by the Roadside...

So, I meant to share this much earlier this year, but... life happens.  There is a billboard that is north of where I live.  I have passed by it several times and it always catches me off guard and then gives me a giggle.  This year, we passed by it before we realized it, on our way to a scrapbooking convention.  

No worries, though!  I pulled a U-Turn, headed back... pulled another U-Turn and here we were able to get the picture.

I don't know why I find this humorous, but it makes me smile every. damn. time.


  1. This would be perfect for the Photo Scavenger Hunt I'm participating in! You should post this on Rinda's linky! (check my blog if you need the url)

  2. Yes, this would be a brilliant shot for the 'funny sign' one. Are you joining in?

  3. "You know where to apply." That's classic! :D


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