August 3, 2013

Eleven Hours

After eleven hours driving in the car yesterday... alone, I would like to add... I finally made it to South Carolina.  While the trip was mostly uneventful, there were a few miles (many, many miles at one point) where the traffic was down to a crawl.  Thank goodness for satellite radio!

Have I ever told you I melt?  "South" is not my happy place.  In fact, when I moved "south" to Ohio from NY State, it took me two years to adjust to the warmer climate. 

I'm not joking.

So... here I am in the true south.  I think.  South Carolina has south in it's name so I think I can accurately call this the "south".   Of course, that doesn't quite work the same with South Dakota, but let's not go there.

Let me tell you, I am melting.  Even though I'm a good witch, I'm melting... melllltttinnnggg.  If I'm not sitting still next to the air conditioner, it is so humid that just walking makes me saturated with sweat.  But, thank goodness for A/C when I'm near it or I truly would be just a puddle.

But I digress.  Want to see what I see?

This is my view from my room:

Not that I will be in it very much.  No, instead, I will be spending some quality time with some of my co-workers at Tealightful, learning some new things, tasting some new product, and having an otherwise jolly good time.  I will be sure to share more with you after our tour on Sunday!  :)

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  1. Enjoy your trip! Swing a little east on the way home and come visit me!


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