August 20, 2013


Gimme some spray inks and a stencil or three, some markers to doodle and I am a happy girl!

Believe it or not, this is my Very First "play" in my butterfly journal that I made at the beginning of this year.  I had to "break the seal" of "messing it up" and I think I did myself good in the process. 

I need more hours in the day.  Just for play. 

Fall is right around the corner.  My favorite season.  It is a time when I feel at my "best".  Fall  looks good on me too.  :)  I love creating in the fall.  I feel such peace and inspiration at this time of year.

Sadly, it also is a time that seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to savor it; I'm not going to miss it.  And every year, it seems that it just winks past me.

Today I sat down with a calendar for the next four months (yes, I know that goes into winter).  I have decided I'm going to schedule in some time to savor it.  I need to.   The last third of this year is going to be enjoyed, dammit, if I have to find a spell to stop time to do it!  :)

Anyone have a time-stopping magic wand out there for sale?  Anyone?  Anyone? 


  1. No, I don't seem to have found a 'pause' button yet. And summer seems to be on 'fast forward' here.
    I love the page you have made, it's really lovely. Good inspiration to do some more of the same!

  2. No wands here. Believe me if I had one I'd freeze today - it is my last "easy" day before the craziness of moving the girls off to college and the frenzy of late summer/early fall travel for work starts. I won't sit still and just breathe again until November... I'm sad to see Summer closing out so quickly. This year was a good one. And autumn always makes me a little melancholy. I hope you ENJOY the season to the fullest. Honor the time that you have scheduled for play -you'll be so much happier for doing it!


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