June 5, 2010

What I Got

The Hubs.  Got me roses for our anniversary.  I'm not a traditional rose kinda gal.  I'm not a fan of red, nor really pink.  My favorite are yellow.  I think that stems from those were my mom's favorite.  He got me some gorgeous yellow roses for Valentine's Day.  They were on fire!

He said he tried for yellow roses for our anniversary but they didn't have 'em.  So he got me these instead. 


They're gorgeous!  HUGE, too.  I love that he knows I don't like red ones.  That he chose these lavender ones because he knew I have a penchant for the more unusual. 

He accompanied them with the Best Card Ever.  The Hubs has a special talent at picking out very emotional, meaningful cards.  It made me cry, it was so beautiful.  Yeah, I'm a cryer anyway... but still... the card was perfect and exactly what I needed to hear.  And I'm not sharing.  Sorry.  Gotta keep this one close to my heart.

And then there's this card of anniversary congratulations that one of my sisters sent.

Isn't she special?  (This card made me laugh!  It's a total keeper.) Love ya sis.


  1. Happy Anniversary! And kudos to the Hubs.

  2. Gorgeous roses, love the lilac. I don't like red ones either.


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