June 21, 2010

Dueling Quilters

Cue the banjo music!

I've been pretty busy this weekend all up until today.  We did a little bit of Fathers' Day celebrating  but for the most part I have been in bed dealing with a very painful, pulsating muscle spasm in my back.  So, while I have so many things to share, it will have to wait as my muscle relaxant's drowsiness side effect just hit me like a load of bricks. 

So stay tuned... I have more quilting photos, some scrappy goodies I want to share, and an impromptu home improvement project that occurred on Saturday!  With special guest star:  The Hubs! 


  1. Hope your back feels better. I look forard to your next post!

  2. Sure hope those muscle relaxers did their job! Will be waiting to see what you did. I did NOTHING all weekend. Sat on the sofa in front of the tv, trying to get over this cold.

  3. Aw, hope you feel much better soon, my dear...


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