June 19, 2010


I'm stealing this idea from Nancy... I have wanted to do it for a while, but haven't had the opportunity until right now.

5 minutes ago I decided to write a quick blog about my weekend.

20 minutes ago, I ordered dinner for myself and 4 other women.

1 hour ago, I was telling funny stories about the woman who owned my house before me (like, she got rid of her house phone because every time she picked it up she heard voices...)

3 hours ago I arrived at work (at the store), hot, sweaty and tired.

6 hours ago my daughter and I were just leaving the house to run some errands and get her hair cut.

10 hours ago, my husband and I decided to rip up the carpet on our stairs and front door landing.  And he did it!  Between 8am and 10:30am!

1 day ago, I was getting ready to start quilting my next piece of quilt (more on this later).

A week ago, I was here at the store working.

One month ago, I was finishing up my first day back to work after a weekend and 2 extra days celebrating my 40th birthday.

Six months ago I was wondering just how much snow were we going to get?!

One  year ago I was preparing myself to walk a 5K in our town's "Jog for Jazz" Father's Day event.

10 years ago I was adjusting to being newly married and packing up my apartment to move into our first house together (the house we just tore carpeting up in).

15 years ago, I had just met my husband and we were establishing a new friendship (and both in relationships with other people)

20 years ago I was home from college for the summer, working and wishing I could get back there sooner because I didn't like living with my parents anymore, even though it was only for the summer.

My, how time flies.  Have I been 40 for a month already??


  1. Wow. I barely remember yesterday's happenings. lol

  2. Such a good post, I may have to blog-lift it ! How time flies eh?!

  3. 20 years ago, I was less than a week away from delivering my first child. And no doubt at this time of the day, I was getting dressed and ready to drive to work. I was at work the day before she was born, and expected at work the DAY she was born ... she came a day early!

  4. I tried this as well. Take a look if you have a minute. :)

  5. Love this idea! If I can actually remember any of what I was doing I shall have a go at this too :-)


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