June 13, 2010

Fabric is Fluid

The instructor of the class I am taking for quilting kept saying, "fabric is fluid."  And I have discovered, it truly is. 

It's hard to cut, sew or iron fluid.

My inner perfectionist was wincing every time I cut a strip, or sewed a seam.

Trying to appease her as I felt her anxiety screaming through my head, I took a long, long, long time to work on this first homework assignment. 

Probably about six hours. 

I'm thinking that it should have or could have been done in half the time. 

This homework assignment taught us the Split Rail Fence pattern.

I'm sure I'll get faster. Regardless, so far, I like it!


  1. Quilting is not supposed to be perfect - tell your inner perfectionist that! Besides, you did great! Love your fabric choices!

  2. Great fabric. And I concur with Cheri, quilting is not supposed to be perfect. No one is going to see the little flaws when it's done, besides you. So just have fun.

  3. If people want a perfect quilt, they should buy a factory made one! Yours looks fabulous. There is nothing to beat something slightly imperfect as it shows it was made by hand with much love and care sewn into it. (Not to mention blood, sweat and tears!)
    The colours are beautiful - well done!

  4. Worth every minute you spent on it - it looks gorgeous! :-)

  5. PRetty! I do not sew...unless you count putting buttons back on or fixing hems...I can do that...Oh...and pillows and curtains...you know..that whole straight stitch turn it inside out voila! kind of sewing!

  6. GREAT JOB!!!!! you be makin mama proud and JEALOUS....it is going to be beautiful...can't wait to see it...but then everything you do is beautiful...


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