June 11, 2010

Sew What?

So, I like to sew.  How long have I known this?  Actually, since 7th grade Home Economics class.  I can even remember what I made.  A bike bag.  Something that would hang around my handlebars of my bike so I could ride without having to hold on to anything.  It was blue. With black acents.  It went on my purple 10-speed bike.  I loved it.  It was even more cool because I had made it myself.

What have I sewn since?  Nothing!

That's not true... I did have a friend coerce me (she really didn't have to try very hard) into quilting about 7 years ago.  I took a few sewing classes with her, and then we followed the directions to make a baby-size quilt (crib size).  I LOVED it.  It wasn't excellent, but it came out more or less square and I made it and I loved it.  I have no idea if my sister liked it or how much they used it, but it didn't matter... it was awesome!  I was so excited that I made a few quilted Christmas gifts (door hangings).  Had a good time with that too.  Then... not another stitch.  Not by way of my machine.

Well, the same friend, whom I got into scrapbooking, has nudged me toward quilting again. So... I've gone to another sewing class (to refresh my sad, tired brain) which I mentioned in this post... and now I'm taking a 4-part series of quilting classes.  Our first class was Wednesday and I have HOMEWORK to do! 

So here you go... this is what I'm starting with. 

Here are the fabrics I chose.  I'm strongly drawn to batiks.  It is what I used for the baby quilt.  And it is what I'm using now...

So, or ... sew... I shall post my progress here.  I am terribly prone to bouts of perfectionism when I sew, which makes me feel terribly inadequate and generally "bad" at sewing, but I'm going to try and break through that barrier with this quilt.  Because I really want to sew more, and I want to have the confidence that I don't need somone looking over my shoulder to do it (like a "class').

So... when I post my progress, I'm unabashedly requesting your support and praise.  Please, consider there to be an 'APPLAUSE' sign over the top of the blog and just do me a favor and tell me it's great (even if it's sad or scary.  Okay?  That way you'll help me past this barrier and then I can finally start sewing more in all areas... even on my scrapbook pages!  TIA!!


  1. love your fabric choices... I've been doing a bit more sewing than scrapping lately, so I'll cheer you on from the sidelines!

  2. That is awesome! I remember taking a sewing class when I was a young girl and lived with my grandparents. I made shorts and a laundry bag. lol. Haven't sewn since and I really want to get back in to it. I should try to find some classes in the area. Can't wait to see what you create!

  3. You go for it! The thing is you won't feel like you are growing your skills unless you keep doing it! So yes I'll be cheering you on.

  4. I was a quilter for many years before I got hooked on scrapbooking - and basically gave up quilting. There are some parts of it I definitely miss! Love your fabric choices- when I culled out my fabric stash (and gave most of it away to a local quilter's guild and to a group that makes pillowcases for kids in cancer treatment) all I kept were my favorite Hoffman and Bali batiks!

  5. Good for you! :-) Not only will I be cheering you on, I'll be hoping that you'll inspire me to have a go myself xx


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