June 3, 2010


I am so angry!

No, I'm not really.  Well, I have anger in me, but I don't FEEL it right now.  I did yesterday when our power went out due to a huge storm that went through our area of town.  We had no power from around 8 pm last night until around 3pm this afternoon.  I was so angry.  We lose power so often in this neighborhood.  As I told someone today, if someone sneezes hard enough, our whole street will lose power!  I was worried I'd lose groceries in my freezer and fridge (AGAIN).  Plus, I was feeling old anger resurfacing from times it has been off for days and days.   Okay, I'm over it.  For the moment.

However, I a'm going to put it down on paper. I'm going to try and get the anger OUT of me for once.  I didn't realize how much I  have suppressed inside, and not just about power outages, until I started thinking about this month's emotion at SFTIO.  Anger is the emotion for June... at SFTIO, they challenge you to not only look at the "good" emotions (Nostalgia, Anticipation, etc.) but also some of the perceived "negative" emotions.  I tell ya... it can be good therapy to just scrap away an emotion.  The kit is shown above and is full of grungy, dark, I'm-seeing-red, "angry" colors.  And I can't wait to get a hold of mine.

Join us over there if you feel you need to get some anger out.  If you can't get the kit, no worries... use any ol' supplies you've got and check out the inspiration page to get some of your ideas flowing.

I'll let you know if I actually get time to scrap this emotion. I had so many plans for last month's Anticipation, but, well... I was celebrating a bit too much, I think.  I should have done Anticipation in April, when I was anticipating all of the May celebrations!  *grin*

So, do share... what gets you angry?  What really gets under you skin?  What ticks you off to no end?


  1. People who don't use turn signals...or are rude drivers period. Selfish people. "coasters" - people who are perfectly content to contribute minimally but expect to be treated like kings or queens when the blessings are doled out. hmmmmm...Those who expect tolerance but don't give it. and those who don't walk their talk. and ANYONE who neglects, abuses, entitles, spoils, takes advantage of, or hurts a child.

  2. I definitely need to get this kit. I've got a lot of anger to scrap about. I don't think I've ever really scrapbooked about a negative emotion, definitely not about being angry. When I saw this was this month's emotion, I thought, "This is it!" I've been wanting to get a kit forever, and I'm pretty sure this one is for me! Can't wait to get going and share what comes out, warts and all. ;)


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