March 4, 2011

It's a Party!

My friend Nancy is celebrating a very important day today... her 1,000th post on her blog My Paperview.  That's confusing.  It's HER paper view, but it's called My Paperview, but it's not mine, it's hers.  Whew!  That was clear as mud.   I think this scrappy retreat has gone to my head!


If you don't know Nancy, you just gotta check the inspiration, talent and fun over there... she takes great self-portraits, scrapbooks honestly and from the inside out, loves her hubby an dher four-legged furry child with all of her heart AND is amazingly artistic.  If you already do know Nancy, you already know all that, but go on over anyway and celebrate!

When you visit today and read her 1,000th post, she'll share with you all kinds of fun and the opportunity to win a huge prize uber cool scrappy goodies!  She said they were uber cool, honest.  Those exact words.  Well, maybe not 'uber', but she most definitely did mention the word 'huge'.

So go!  Congrats to Nancy!  Go have fun!  Party on, Wayne!  Party on, Garth! 

But wait!  Don't get too drunk on all that creativity, because you gotta make it back here tomorrow.  No hangovers allowed, because we're going to talk about our souls here... it's going to be fabulously FUN with some totally awesome women in an amazing blog hop that will take you all over the place.  And yes, at least ONE giveaway, right here...

 So remember... Enjoy the Ride!

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