March 1, 2011

Big Words

A brief conversation with The Hubs last night went along the lines of this:

Hubs:  "Why did you get those?"  ("those" were magnetic sheets that you can run through your printer)

Me:  "I'm going to use them for scrapbooking storage."

Hubs:  "THOSE are for scrapbooking storage?  ..........Huh?"

Me:  "Yeah, I'm going to use them for my..."

*pause to consider how to explain*

"... well, you know that Cuttlebug..."

*glance at Hubs' blank face*

"... you know what?  I'm going to have to show you because you're not going to understand what I mean when I talk about storing my Nestabilities...."

Hubs (interrupting, with humor-tinged exasperation):  "Stop using Your Big Words on me!"


At least I try to explain using words other than "whatchamacallit", which is what Hubs interjects a million times in any distracted conversation with me.

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And remember... there will be a "hop" this weekend while I'm on my scrappin' retreat... please come back and bounce around!


  1. My DH knows better than to ask me anything scrapbooking related. He has ZERO interest anyway.

  2. HeeHee...My hus and Cheri's are in the same boat...they know better than to ask if they see some random craft supply hanging

  3. Yes, my DH is similar. He's very encouraging - in a detached, "do what you enjoy and love it" kind of way... but if I talk to him for more than 2 minutes, or use words with more than 2 syllables, about scrapping, book-binding or other craft stuff... Well, that glazed look appears. He does try, bless him, but it's just not his "thing"! He does appreciate my "sock pets" and he is always very appreciative of the scrap pages and hand-crafted cards I make for him. I don't suppose I can ask for more really!

  4. Kai! OMG! I LOVE your humor. Count me in as a Follower from now on!
    Brave Girl {{{HUGS}}}
    Sue Hetherington
    Hope you get a chance to visit my blog @:


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