March 10, 2011

Winners! (part 2)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who hopped along our Soul Restoration blog hop this past weekend.  I loved sharing with you some of the things I have experienced while taking this class.  I'd like to clarify a few things, of my own opinion... because I truly, truly, truly believe every girl out there deserves this class... to be brave... and restore her soul.
  • Soul Restoration is very spiritual, but you do not have to belong to or believe in any one religion to take this course.  This was very freeing to me... because I love the open arms and open  hearts from everyone, of all walks of faith, in this class.
  • Soul Restoration (the class) is six weeks.  But what you learn, and what you will continue to learn and practice, will last a lifetime.  Don't sign on if you're not ready for a lifetime of change.
  • And I must stress and say again... you do not have to be an artist to take this class.  There is art involved.  But if you know how to cut paper, use glue and write with a pen, you can excel in this class.  If you're open to learning a few art techniques and "playing" that's just an option that's there for you.
  • And one of the biggest lessons that I have learned (and to be honest, am still working to learn and ingrain), is No Comparing.  I hope you are not dissuaded from taking this class by looking at all of the wonderful art that was on display during the blog hop.  Because your art is as beautiful and wonderful... and what's most important... it's YOURS.
Okay, I just had to get that off my chest.  I may  (or may not) come back and talk more about Soul Restoration here on my blog... I guess it depends on how much I feel I can bare to the world at large.  For now, I hope that everyone taking the second edition of Soul Restoration 1 have a BLAST, and I will see everyone who comes back for Soul Restoration 2 in the summer.  Yep, I'll be there. 

Okay, okay... without further ado...

Like yesterday, The Hubs helped me pick a winner for my Soul Restoration class giveaway... and once again, Sparky attempted to help.

Here's Hubs waving hello again, just cuz I think he's cute that way:

The list of people who were ready to be brave and restore:

And again, Hubs did a specatacular job cutting them up...

Here's Sparky, ready and willing to pick a winner...

And his support team, Rikki (check out that eye glow!)

and Mouse (his twin sister... fraternal, of course).

He really, really wanted to pick the winner, but that lack of opposable thumbs issue really holds him back.  So we made a deal.  We told him to think very, very, very hard of which ticket he wanted to pick, while The Hubs put his hand in the bowl and actually picked the ticket. 

I think Sparky almost sprained something here, he was thinking so hard...

And the winner is...

Congratulations Devonne!

Please contact me at {wytewolf22} at {yahoo} dot {com} to let me know what email you will be using to sign up for Soul Restoration, plus your full name, and I will contact The Brave Girls Club and get it all underway!

And for those of you who didn't get this freebie chance, I truly hope you try to set aside some money to take this class, and make YOURSELF the priority for once.

It's time.  And you really do deserve it!


  1. O...M...G.... I am so THANKFUL!!!! and THRILLED and EXCITED!!!!
    ... wow... what can I say... Thank you, my heart is full, thank you.

    Give Sparky and a good scruffle from me and tell him I said thank you for the cat magic.

    Shutting up and Sending my info to you now...

  2. That last pic of Sparky kills me. He is too cute! Congrats to Devonne!

  3. Congrats Devonne!

    I just love how you picked your winners - and I've never seen a cuter photo of a concentrating cat :-)

  4. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I loved how you pick your winners, lovely cats Kai!!!! ;))))


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