March 9, 2011

Winners! (part 1)

The time has finally come to pull and announce winners for my Pioneer Woman signed book giveaway from a while back.

I thought for a while about how to select winners.  I know about, but sometimes I find that so... uncreative.  Not that I am against using it, nor am I criticizing anyone who does use that site (it's extremely convenient), but my giveaway responses were small enough that I could do something a little more fun this time. 

So, with the help of The Hubs, I created some tickets on the computer with each person's name on it and randomly chose my winners that way... ready? 

Okay, here are the tags...

The Hubs helped me out by cutting them up for me.  Isn't he so kind?  (of course, my hands were full with "camera", but I won't mention that.)

Wave "hello" to my readers, Hubs!

He did a great job cutting them up, didn't he?

Next, we folded them up into little itty bitty pieces and placed them in this heart-embellished crystal dish I still had out from Valentine's day.  Well, it wasn't exactly "out", it was in the dish drainer, but I digress...

About this time, Sparky tried to jump up and help.   Sorry for the blurred photo, he was really close, and was head-butting me for  attention.

The Hubs picked...'s  winner #1:

Congratulations Felecia!!

Sparky was all ready to help draw the second name. 

Sadly, he doesn't have opposable thumbs, so we had to rely on The Hubs to do the picking again...

And here's winner #2:

Congratulations Shaina!! 

And I must mention that it was  Hubs' idea, at the last minute before I snapped the photo, to turn Shaina's winning ticket at a lovely jaunty angle, which is a "signature" of mine... "jaunty angles".  How sweet of him to get so... creative! 

By they way, the whole house was so excited for the winners!

Well, okay... I am very excited, even if my pups aren't!

Felecia and Shaina, please PM me or send me your snail mail addresses at {wytewolf22} at {yahoo} dot {com} so I can get you your book!  Congrats again!

And stay tuned... the Soul Restoration giveaway winner will be posted tomorrow night...


  1. congrats to Felecia and Shaina! Hope they enjoy the bounty!

  2. I love how excited everyone got...I love my name tag...will you send it with the book? I'm sending you my address!! WOOT WOOT!!!

  3. i am SOOO EXCITED!! such a great giveaway and a fun way to pick the winners. i was gonna ask the same as felecia...can i get my name tag too? :)
    e-mail on the way!
    thanks sooooo much kai!


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