March 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I actually did scrapbook when I was on my last retreat.  Actually, I spent much of my time working on Soul Restoration, but I did get some time in to play catch up.  My goal at this retreat, besides working on the SR projects, was to tie up some loose ends in some of my albums.  Most prominent was my vacation album, which holds the pages of our summer trips to our family and any other  vacation we may take, as well as family reunions (which usually take place planned and impromptu during family trips in the summers).  So... without further ado, here are some of my random "catch up" layouts from 2005/2006...

Most of The Fam.  (Fussy cut My Minds Eye Bohemian paper)

one-half of a two-page layout,the other half not shown.  (Basic Grey)

My "cover page" this trip.  (More My Minds Eye Bohemian paper)

Oh yeah, I caught up on some holiday photos too...

See?  PROOF that I actually DO scrapbook  still.  :)

And now a question.  Often, for my vacations, I will create a "cover page" not like the one above, but more like the one below:

Cover page for 2005 summer trip (Little Yellow Bicycle papers)

It typically has no photos but just a general summary of the whole trip.  I really like doing it this way to tell more of the story than the mini-blurbs I do on each of my pages.  And actually,   I've only done it a couple of times, but  I think  I'm going  to do it more  often.  It really helps jog the memory about some events.

Does anyone else do this?

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  1. How much time did you spend "fussy cutting" for those pages? wow!


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