March 2, 2011

NEVER Trust a Spellchecker

The part of the sentence is:  " the life that you're destined to live..."

The program:  Microsoft Word 2007

The "error":  you're - the contraction of "you are". 

I right-click on the "error" to view what Microsoft Word's spellchecker/grammar checker is suggesting as a correction.

I see THIS:

I am very concerned!  Or maybe that should be, "I is very concerned!"  Combine this lovely "correction" with the text-message using generation who already don't know how to construct a correctly spelled, complete sentence...

OMG, i m so scared ov what wil hapn nxt...plz tell me duz NE1 prfrd what u rite NEmore?




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  1. Hi! I will be joining you on the Blog Hop adventure this weekend. Looking forward to it!!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I so needed this laugh today!!! That is singularly awesome!

  3. I know WHY spell check did what it did (trying to conform the verb to the noun "life") but the result is just too damn funny!

  4. Oh dear.... See, I may break the rules, but at least I know what rules I'm breaking! (I have a lovely activity for pupils to do to show them the limitations of a spellchecker by using correctly-spelt synonyms of many of the words, it's a lot of fun but also teaches an important point!)


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