December 27, 2009


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Wheeeeeee!  We got a Wii!  This year as our "family gift" we got a Wii for Christmas.  Now, to be very honest, I have NEVER ever touched a Wii... never played a game, never held a controller.  I've watched people play.  I have heard reviews.  But I, myself, had never touched one prior to December 25, 2009. 

And now, I can't stay away!  How addicting?  I've barely gotten past the bowling portion of the game that comes with the system!  There's still baseball, tennis, boxing (I did do one of these), and golf!  AND I bought EA Active (a fitness game) for it.  I did play that for (watch out!) six minutes and was dying.  I'm hoping I can stick with it, though... 30 days at a time with their 30 day challenge.  I already asked my hub for Wii Fit for my birthday in May.  I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope that this will keep me on my feet.  I hope, I hope, I hope that I will commit to this. 

But for now... the bowling calls me.  I.  Must. Bowl. 

Anyone else Wii?  I'm telling you... it's TOO much fun!  If you don't have one... find a way to get one.  Really!  I double-dog dare you. 


  1. Don't talk to me about Wii games!! Wii Fit told me I'd gained a stone today. I've got the right hump!!!!

  2. I love my wii. I got the wii fit bundle, too, and it's my absolute favorite!

  3. Congrats on making a commitment to try to get in shape with your wii. I'm going to, too!


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