December 14, 2009

The Tree

We couldn't get it this past weekend due to many different circumstances all happening.  The stars, the fates, the whatever was against us.  So, we went tonight.  Our first stop was the tree lot we typically find a tree, but last year we had very bad luck.  But they are the cheapest around, and so we tried again this year.  I kid you not, we were there all of FIVE minutes when we found her.  The hubs pulled out a total of two trees, and the one that caught us was the second one.  So, we quickly paid and and brought home this baby:

My four kitties are taking turns as "look out" and eating it.  Ugh... regurgitated pine... but...

Isn't she a pretty little tree?  Just wait until the lights and decorations go up!  I'll post that later in the week.

For now, I shall enjoy the pine scent permeating through the house.  Yum!

(PS, the little string pieces sticking out of the top right are not part of the tree... that's my spider houseplant hanging in the background.  Didn't want to confuse you with a mutant tree!)


  1. What kind of tree is it?

    It's very pretty. Looking forward to seeing it decorated. :o)

  2. Good thing you clarified - I was wondering about those "excess" branches. Maybe the plant needs a new home for a few weeks. But you gotta love finding "the one" that easily.


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